Tuesday, May 25, 2010


After my baby shower thrown by my work friends Jeff is officially sick of hearing me say, "Isn't this cute?!?!"  We got so many outfits and great stuff for our little girl last Friday.  Looking back I am glad that Valerie and Kimberly practically dragged me out of baby Gap empty handed...even though I had a coupon (come on, that is a good reason to buy something!!!)  I am also very thankful of all the hand-me downs we have gotten from my friend Wendy's two girls and for the ones we will be getting this weekend from Amelia!  I am currently working on my vocabulary to replace the word "cute" to something Jeff can stomach.  My thoughts to him...just wait till you see this little girl and you'll be over-using the word too! 
I'm 23 weeks pregnant and growing a half inch around the middle each week...yikes!  Baby girl is the size of a papaya this week and will be the size of a watermelon by September.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

It's a GIRL...

...and the shopping has begun!!!! I am so happy to finally know what has been kicking at me these past few weeks.  She looked so cute on the ultrasound with one hand up in the air (and possibly in her mouth!).  As soon as I could, I hit Old Navy to buy her the first not-gender-neutral onesie.  Thanks to Betsy, we celebrated with a Strawberry Dream cake and this little girl now has her first outfit...a cute fall dress!  Just a little over 4 months until we get to meet her.
Jeff's birthday dinner with friends!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Big day tomorrow!!!

At this point I do not even care that I have to drink 32 oz. of liquids one hour before my appointment and I am NOT ALLOWED go to the bathroom! I am so anxious to see what's going on in there. I've been feeling kicks for over a week now and hope this baby is wide awake and ready to cooperate. Cross your fingers I don't pee my pants in the waiting room, or even worse, on the exam table. Can't wait to hear the tech say, "It's a ........"!
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