Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Leila vs. the cat

My cat, Otis, is not a fan of Leila.  He rarely makes an appearance when she is awake in the house.  When he does, it's to eat or take care of business.

Poor kitty.  He wasn't always like this.  Otis always seemed to be hanging around the house with me...until we brought the baby home.

Otis is afraid of Leila.  Although I'm not surprised,  I am annoyed.  Wouldn't you assume that your pet, that loves attention from you, would also love attention from your child?

Leila tried, the minute she could move, to pet Otis.  That's what cats like, right?  

He's always been able to outrun her.  He runs under the bed, in the fireplace, or anywhere just to get away from her.  On many occasions he has tried to stand strong and show Leila who's boss.  He's hissed and growled at her for coming too close.  (We are teaching her to hiss back.)

Honestly I don't know what he's so scared of...  

Look at him.

Freaky cat eyes

Look at her.

Always-moving toddler

Alright, maybe she will be able to outrun him eventually.

Were you hoping for an adorable post about babies and pets?  
  I'm linking up with Growing up Geeky and Aidan...with Eos this week for Toddle Along Tuesday.  Head on over and get your fill. 

Big news...I will be co-hosting an upcoming Toddle Along Tuesday!  The link-up will be opened Monday night, August 13th and the topic is Finding Balance.  What do you do to stay sane in your crazy busy life?  Come back in two weeks to share your tips and link up!  


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Vacation hangover


I just can't seem to shake this vacation feeling.  You know, the one that involves afternoon naps, no real responsibilities, and no routine.

The pile of mail sitting on my counter is about to bite me.  My suitcases, although unpacked, are still in our bedroom.  Pictures need edited and stories need to be told.

I know it's not going to get done on it's own.  
I know that it's not going to be done today.

It's the weekend and I'm going to enjoy it!  Monday will come soon enough.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Two months untill two

As Leila gets older she is looking more and more like...herself!  She's a good mix between Jeff and I, not really resembling one of us more than the other.

Although this picture of me on my second birthday (with my mom and dad) may convince you otherwise.  What do you think?
August 1979,  my 2nd birthday

July 2012, Leila at 22 months old
What's up with Leila just two months from her second birthday? 
  • She is really good on her feet!  Leila has been atempting to climb up and down a few stairs without any support.  It's pretty scary to watch, but I am amazed at her abilities.  She has started jumping and can just barely get both feet off the ground.  I can't belive how much she moves.  Getting a snuggle from her has always been a struggle!

  • Yes! Yes! Yeah!  I love that when I ask her a question she actually thinks about it before she responds.  It's even better when she responds with a "yes" instead of just staring at me like I am talking to a wall.

  • She still takes one AWESOME three hour nap a day.  That nap and her twelve-ish hours of sleep at night make for one happy Momma and toddler.

  • Leila is willing to try almost everything we give her to eat.  She won't always swallow it, but at least she gives it a try.  The only vegetables I have gotten her to swallow lately are green beans and raw carrots.  She loves cereal for breakfast, fruit and pretzels are her favorite snack, and we feed her whatever we are eating for dinner.

  • She has a best friend, Charlie, who is just two months older than her. Since we've been on vacation she has asked about Charlie a lot.  We've spent at least ten minutes (that's a long time for her to be focused on anything) looking at Charlie's pictures.  It is too cute!

  • Leila has spent many hours in the pool since we've been away from the beach.  She doesn't love it yet, but she's slowly warming up to the idea that her feet cannot touch the ground.  The floaties are just for my own peace of mind since she is glued to me while in the pool.  Last week she enjoyed getting dunked and blowing bubbles.

  • My favorite Leila-thing this month...she recognizes that the three of us are a family!  Before bed each night Jeff, Leila, and I have a family hug-a-thon and lately she's been recognizing us as a family outside of that bedtime ritual.  Her voice is so sweet, especially when she says "family"! 

Only a two more months until Leila's second birthday!  This is such a fun age!  I can't wait to see what age TWO will bring.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Making Rainbows {Guest post}

Hello, fellow citizens of Leilaland!  I'm Rulissa and I blog over at Mustard Seeds in Oklahoma. Jen is on vacay in Chicago this week (have a slice of pizza for me, darlin!) so y'all get me instead - you lucky dogs!!

I'm an (almost) 40, stay-at-home mom of three monkeys who drive me bananas on a daily basis!  I blog about my life, projects, DIY stuff and how I put my faith in God into practice.  We are ranchers here in Oklahoma, so I talk about cows some, too!  But today, I'm sharing a fun art project my Monkey Princess and I did one rainy afternoon.  She's asked to do it again and again and again, so I guess she liked it!  Enjoy!

Making Rainbows

I love rainy days.  They make everything clean and smell nice.  But...they also keep us inside and a little stir crazy.  So the other day while the boys were at school, Princess and I decided to brighten up the gloomy day and make our own rainbows.  We just got out the watercolor paint and a couple of coffee filters and went to town.

But, first - a warning... You will need to cover your workspace with newspaper or something because the paint will bleed through.  But that's actually the cool part of using coffee filters!  You'll see in a minute...

We flattened out the filters and started with a circle of color in the middle.  (I did this part for Princess, so she could get started.)  After the first color, just pick another color and paint around the circle, then another and another until you have made rings of color to the very edge of your filter.  You can go the traditional ROY G BIV rainbow colors, or you can just let loose (which, if you are doing this with a toddler, is probably what will happen!)

Now you have to let it dry...  This was the hardest part! But after it's dry, cut your filter in half and... voila!  Instant rainbows!!  We taped them to the back door and since the color bled through the coffee filter, you could see the rainbows from the inside and the outside!  Cool, uh?!

I hope you enjoy this little project.  Feel free to hop on over to my blog for more fun stuff! And, thanks for hanging out with me while Jen's away!

Thanks Rulissa for the window art idea!  I am always looking for fun activities to do with Leila.  I haven't tried using watercolors with her yet.   Sounds easier, and not as messy, as washable tempera paints.


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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We've been busy...

We're going to need a vacation AFTER this vacation!

Monday, July 16, 2012

The World Through Your Child's Eyes {Guest post}

If there is one piece of advice that I would give to parents and parents-to-be, it is to take the time to view the world from your child's perspective as often as possible. This small change in perspective is so critical to being responsive, empathetic and for enjoying the baby moments.

I remember when Elodie was a newborn and her cries still sounded all the same to me. There were so many times I felt exasperated and just wanted to ask her "what do you want?" but if I took a deep breath and thought about her point of view, (sometimes even speaking out loud for her) it allowed me to be more understanding and patient with her.

For example, as much as I wanted Elodie to sleep in her cosleeper, she had other plans. I would actually explain to myself "but Mommy, when you're so far away, I don't know where you are and I get scared. I want to be right in the crook of your arm so I can smell you and my food is there in case I get hungry and need to eat RIGHT AWAY!". (P.S. I was incredibly sleep deprived, so, yes, I might have seemed a little crazy.) If I imagined being so new in the world, being alone in a bed in a dark room, away from the one source of comfort and nourishment that I knew, I would cry too. It's completely reasonable.

As Elodie got older, it was useful for me to take the time to stop what I was doing and get down by her and try to see what was wrong when she was upset. Was she too hot? Was the floor cold? Was the stuffed bear just out of reach? I couldn't always figure it out or solve the problem, but usually it snapped me out of my own frustrations and allowed me to be compassionate to my child.

Even when your child is not upset, it is still useful to stop yourself and crouch down by your child and to give them your complete attention every so often, and to put yourselves in their shoes for their playtime. This is an easy way to show your children that you value and respect their imagination, thoughts, ideas and personality. This communicates to children that you value them! Try to imagine the way they see their toys and experiences. Elodie is 18 months old but is truly clever in the way she uses her toys. I get joy out of watching her play and explore the world around her.

This might be the icing on the cake about the child's perspective: having a child means that you do get to be in the presence of someone who is utterly enthralled with the world. Every new place is a journey and adventure for your child. So much of our trips to the beach or the zoo is spent with me just gazing at my precious girl to see the wonder in her eyes. It's living vicariously through your child, in a good way! Seeing the joy on her face brings joy to mine. Her moments as a child are fleeting, so getting to deeply enjoy her first few years of life helps make the years go by as slowly as possible.

About the Guest Blogger:
Kari is Mommy to Elodie, and friend to Jen and Leila. When she's not busy watching her daughter feed cheerios to her dolls and make phone calls on blocks, she blogs about life in San Diego and her journey to find balance and simplicity in Mommyhood.
Thanks Kari!  Great advice, we really do need to slow down sometimes!  My favorite thing about being a mom to a toddler...

"Having a child means that you do get to be in the presence of someone who is utterly enthralled with the world."

This could not be more true!    

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sleep coach * Postpartum doula {Guest post}

Hello faithful readers of Leilaland!  I was so flattered when Jen asked me to guest blog this month. 

I'm Lauren, Mom to (almost) 2 year old Charlie. You may remember Charlie from such blog posts as: {Our big plan} Skipping a toddler nap.

I'd like to use this opportunity to (shamelessly) plug my budding business.  Here goes:

I recently moved to beautiful San Diego from Vancouver, Canada and have just started a sleep coaching business.  Having had major sleep issues with my Charlie, I am very passionate about helping other tired parents get their sleep back.

Please check out my website www.laurenboston.com and my Facebook page.  

Spread the word!

P.S. - anyone who books a consultation with me and mentions this blog post will get 15% off my services.

Hopefully Charlie and I will continue to be regulars on Leilaland - see you next time!

I am so happy to know Lauren in real life!  Not only is she my first mommy-friend, she also happens to be an excellent resource for all things related to parenting.  

Luckily I checked out her "Favorite Things"  page on her website before I started packing for our trip.  Otherwise I would have forgotten the baby monitor! 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Road trip survival {Guest post}

Hiya folks!

I'm Shaun from Living with Peanut, my lovely little corner of the internet where I talk about being a mom, raising Peanut, weight loss, and tons of random stuff :)

A super huge thanks to Jen for having me guest post while she's on vacation...lucky lady! Hope you're having a great time!!


Recently, we had our first family vacation. We didn't plan anything large as money's a bit tight, but we definitely had a great time. We broke out all of Paige's toys from her birthday, spent some quality family time together, took a trip to York's Wild Animal Kingdom and did the tourist stops on the way home. To cap off our fabulous week, we brought Paige to Storyland.

Storyland is a 2-3 hour drive from our house, depending on which route you take. I had timed our departure so that we'd be leaving around lunch time and her nap would *hopefully* begin about halfway there :)

I packed a box of goodies to help keep Paige entertained since I have an older car (no rear entertainment) and don't have an iPad or portable DVD player.

I started with a small box (bigger than a shoe box). I loaded it with about 8-10 books - a variety of very simple books, touch and feels, to a multi-Princess story book. I also included some Dollar Tree flash cards, a small pad of paper and crayons, a small stuffed animal, and a fully-charged Kindle with kids book already loaded on it.

It definitely helped keep me and the husband sane during the 3 hour drive and kept Paige entertained in the motel room when the rain kept us stuck inside for a few hours.

Anytime we head out on a road trip, I'll definitely be making one of these boxes to keep her entertained. It took only a few minutes to create!

Thanks Shaun for filling in on Leilaland!  

I keep something similar on the floor of my backseat at all times. You just never know what you may need...and I like to be prepared.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Toddler Activity- Sorting cups {Guest post}

Hello! I'm Heather. Once a full-time advertising professional from Chicago, I now reside in Northern California and work from home as a Social Media Manager. I've been married to Matt for 7 years, and we have a son Brady (3) and another little boy on the way (only 3 weeks to go!!) I created our family blog, Everything Eatherton, in 2008 to chronicle my first pregnancy... but now it keeps our family updated on “all things Eatherton” after our big move in 2010. Last year, I started the blog Mama Dish with 6 of my high school friends, as a way to keep in touch (we live in 3 different states and in 3 different countries!) and to share all the different Mama tips and tales we would on a regular basis if we all lived in one place. I hope you'll come by for a visit and see what we're serving up!

I'm excited to be a guest blogger on Leilaland today because I have known Jen for over 20 years (oh boy, did I just age us?!) We lost touch for awhile after college, but our paths crossed again a few years ago over... wait for it... blogging!! It's been wonderful to reconnect with an old friend and to have so much in common after so many years. Thanks Jen for having me!

Because Jen likes to post suggestions for fun Toddler Art/Activities, I thought I would share a recent learning activity I "created" the other day when I needed Brady to occupy himself for a few minutes while I responded to some emails (oh the life of a WAHM!) I didn't have time to set up for/clean up after a messy art project, but I wanted him to spend the time doing something constructive instead of {ahem} watching more TV. 

While wracking my brain for a quick solution, I remembered that when I was grocery shopping last week, I came across a bag full of mini letters and numbers in the dollar bins at Safeway (I know, I didn't know they had these bins, but they do!) I put them in my cart thinking, "I'm sure I can put these to good use at some point". Brady knows his letters and numbers, but he can get confused sometimes so I like him to practice, and I'm always looking for new ways to keep him interested.

So I decided to pull out the foam letters/numbers, as well as 10 small plastic snack containers. I lined up the cups into two rows and placed one number (0-9) at the bottom of each cup. Then I gave him the remaining numbers in a pile and told him to sort them into the correct cups, saying the number out loud each time he dropped one. Sounds silly, I know, but he really liked doing it. And the repetition is good for his memory! Here is how it went down...

{I apologize for the quality of the photos, they were taken with my phone. In bad kitchen lighting.}

The start of the "project"

Brady sorting his numbers

The letters were a bit of a challenge because I don't have 26 cups. So instead, I just lined up individual letters along a piece of construction paper and had him place the letters in a stack.

He liked doing this so much that he asked, "what else can we play with?" I had some old cut outs of shapes that I made from construction paper lying around, so we did those next.

At this point, he had enough, but we ended up staying busy for about 30 minutes learning and playing together. I was able to step away for a few minutes to take care of some things I needed to do, and he was able to continue on without me. He was really proud when he finished his piles.

What I like most about this activity is that it's so simple. You can use it to teach something for the first time or to reinforce a variety of topics: numbers, letters, shapes, colors, textures, animals... anything. And you can use whatever you already have lying around the house-- cups, buttons, beads, plastic characters, cut outs made from construction paper, stickers, etc. Or, next time you're out and about and come across little "gems" in the dollar bins, think about how you can incorporate them into this easy learning activity with your little one.

What super-simple activities have you "created" to help keep your toddlers busy? What other topics would you suggest that we learn/explore with our cups?
Thanks Heather!  Has it really been over 20 years?  That is a scary thought.

Your toddler activity ideas are exactly the kinds of things I did with my pre-K students last year.  I am impressed with Brady's skills.  I know he has a few years, but his Kindergarten teacher is going to LOVE him!

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Friday, July 6, 2012

The Last Bite {Guest post}

Hi there everyone! My name is Sarah and I blog over at It's a Vol! I write about my handsome hunky husband Chris and our beautiful daughter Evie. We are also parents to our six (!!!) furbabies; we have four dogs and two cats. Between the nine of us there is always something exciting happening! I am also a post-partum depression and anxiety survivor. Along with blogging about my family I use my blog as a voice for myself and other women who are suffering from or have survived this disease.



The Last Bite

A few weekends ago we took Evie out for ice cream. She has recently discovered that frozen sweet treats are delicious and so we've been spoiling her a bit more than we should with frozen yogurt, coconut ice pops and trips to Baskin Robbins.

Once we arrived we all settled on our flavors. I picked some baseball themed flavor that had raspberry swirls & cashews on a sugar cone, Chris got butter-pecan and Evie had orange sherbet. We settled down to eat out treats. Evie was happily eating her orange sherbet when I naively offered her a bite of my cone.

"Mmmm!" she exclaimed, her little eyes lighting up and her mouth opening up for another bite. So we sat there quite contentedly for a few mintues sharing bites of my ice cream cone and making faces at each other. Until, we reached down to the very bottom of the cone. The last bite. The bite that is the best, it is a mixture of soggy and crunchy with the perfect ratio of cone to ice cream.

Evie eyed that last little bite of cone excitedly. I requested a sticky sweet kiss and handed it over to her. She expressed her delight with a toothy grin and one last "Mmmm!". We went about our merry way and it wasn't until later that I realized I'd just experienced a hallmark of motherhood. Without even thinking we give so much to our kids.

Then, I thought, it's not enough to take our bikini bodies, give us chin hairs, deprive us of sleep and cause stretch marks; now they're stealing ice cream cones too? Sheesh. I'll take all the physical alterations, but NOBODY said anything about stealing ice cream cones.

Thanks for letting me take over for the day Jen! And if you're kind of possessive of your ice cream too, stop on by It's a Vol and say hey! 

Thanks Sarah!   Definitely a lot of ice cream eating happening on this vacation.  Leila can have my last bite any day, and I bet my mom would give me hers.       

Thursday, July 5, 2012

YES, you can...

Climb up on this high-chair.  Get in.  Sit down.  Buckle up.  All by yourself.

I am proud of my ability to let go, to mask my worries and fears, for Leila's sake. Her confidence is a direct reflection of my conscious change and my trust in her abilities.

I mean, look at her...  

One of my favorite group of moms on the internet call themselves the Play at Home Mom.  They have a YES! album on their Facebook page where they posted pictures of things they allowed their child to do.  YES, you can hold sparklers, get dirty, throw rocks, climb fences, play in the rain...  

Thanks for the inspiration ladies!

When do you say YES, you can...?  What can you trust your children to do?  

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I'm losin' it {Weight-loss update}

After committing to finally losing all this "toddler" weight for once and for all, I've been on my best behavior all month. I am excited to announce that I have lost 5 pounds.

Could that be a little muscle tone in my arm or strategic posing? 
My plan worked!

My plan for the first month was to write down everything I ate and continue my current 5 day a week exercise routine.

Each day I kept a running total on how many calories I consumed, aiming for 1200-1500 per day.  (Honestly, some days were easier than others.)  Recording everything I put in my mouth helped me make better food choices throughout the day, cut out my nightly sweet treat, and drink less wine.

Luckily for me, choosing the "right" foods wasn't difficult. This is at least the fourth time I have counted calories to lose weight, which practically makes me a pro!

Aside from the occasional pizza night, I have been making healthy dinners for as long as I can remember. I cook with extra lean ground turkey, make meatless meals, and have a good sense of portion size.  Now that I am not rushed out the door to work in the morning, I have time to sit down and eat a "real" breakfast. Eggs are my top pick! They keep me feeling full until lunch so I'm not tempted to nibble from Leila's snacks.  Also, I do not like having junk food in the house, especially sweets.  I have quite the sweet tooth!  

Here's a few of my favorite healthy snacks:
apple with 1oz cheese or 1T of peanut butter
carrots and hummus
hard boiled egg
sweet baby peppers
greek yogurt
string cheese

My exercise routine consisted of high and low intensity workouts five days a week.  I was already doing these workouts before I started counting calories so it was easy to continue.

To stay motivated I like to change up my workouts often!  I do not belong to a gym, because for me it's an unnecessary expense.

This is what I'm doing these days: 
  • I have a couple of the Biggest Loser DVDs and Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred.  I fit those in during nap time on days that I don't run in the morning.  
  • I also have an old school Denise Austin Pilates DVD that really works my abs.  It's my go-to workout when I am not motivated to work too hard.  
  • Some days I simply I go for a walk or bike ride with Leila.  
  • Just recently I started working out with my sister again one evening a week.  We're perfecting a routine we can do outside with Leila.  (I'll share when we get it just right!)
I am very impressed with my results! Although five pounds may not seem like a lot to some people, it is a lot to me. I am only 2 pounds from my goal!

Hahaha! This is my new favorite family photo.  
I know that July will be more challenging than this past month. I'm back home visiting family and friends in Chicago and plan to eat all my favorite foods at least twice. (Giordano's, Rosati's, Portillo's, and Jimmy John's here I come!)

My goal for July:  Don't gain any weight!

My plan:  Enjoy my vacation!  
I will be counting calories when possible and watching my portion sizes.  
I brought home five workout DVDs to do in my parents' basement since it's too hot here to run, even first thing in the morning.

Wish me luck!  

Don't forget to enter this month's Weight-loss Challenge giveaway to win some great pampering products from Basq

Monday, July 2, 2012

Let's talk about travel {Guest post}

Thank you for having me, Jen! I am so totally honored to help fill your space while you're away. 

About me:    
I'm Meghan and I have a little place on the Internet that I've deemed Phase Three of Life. I’m your typical working mom, living in Phoenix with my husband and toddler son, approximately 2,000 miles away from the rest of our families. Sometimes I’m sentimental, sometimes I’m overwhelmed, and sometimes I laugh when my kid throws a tantrum. I write whatever I’m feeling on any given day… It just so happens that I feel sarcastic more often than not.  

In honor of Jen's trip, let's talk about travel, shall we?

When I was pregnant with Ryan, I channeled most of my worrying toward three things:

1.      The physical act of childbirth. That seemed pretty scary.

2.      The fact that my feet might permanently grow a size. Cuz… ugh.

3.      How I would ever be able to efficiently pack for a trip with an extra person.

I’ve never been a very good trip-packer. If I had my way, I would take my whole closet with me because – who knows – I might feel like wearing that green shirt that I haven’t worn in 4 months. Or an unexpected cold front could come through, leaving me stuck with too many tank tops and not enough sweaters.

I’m the girl who packs 5 different pairs of shoes* and three purses to visit family in Cleveland, where everyone wears sneakers and carries the same purse every day until it falls apart. My suitcases are always jam-packed, on the brink of over-flowing, barely two pounds under the airline weight limit.

How on Earth would I fit a kid’s stuff, too? Bibs and back-up bibs and outfits and back-up outfits and blankets and back-up… we would never be able to travel again!

A strange thing happens when you become a mom, though. Priorities shift. You find yourself less concerned with being able to easily access a brightly colored
scarf to throw about your shoulders as you exit the airport and more concerned with whether your kid will scream for four straight hours and 100 perfect strangers
will sulk off the plane hating the very sight of you. So you pack every toy that has ever made him smile, every book he has ever cooed at and every outfit
that fits him.**

After several cross-country trips with Ryan – and never going over the suitcase weight limit, thankyouverymuch – I was convinced that my over-packing tendencies had been cured.

Kid needs: bib (just in case), favorite blankie and pillow pet... check! 
Mom needs: plain tank top and little-to-no accessories... double check!

Turns out, I was wrong.

Because recently, as I began packing for my first trip away from my family – a girls’ hiking trip to Utah – a thought flashed across my mind.

I get my own suitcase…”

And like a recovering addict getting their first fix in years, I selected the biggest one we have and packed it within an inch of its life. I packed dresses and sweaters and cowboy boots and a jewelry organizer – and yes, I said it was a hiking trip. My friends came to pick me up and I struggled to load my behemoth piece of luggage into the trunk next to their practical little duffle bags.

Uh, I don’t know what happened… first time with a suitcase to myself in over two years,” I told them.

With a big family beach vacation across the country coming up soon, I am officially back on the wagon. Three people, nine days, two suitcases. I know I can do it!

Ok, maybe three suitcases.

*In my defense, this was before everyone suddenly decided that brown and black are both neutrals and do actually match.
**In case he spends the flight vomiting instead of screaming, which is always a possibility.

Stop by and visit me sometime!
Phase Three of Life

Thanks Megan! You had me laughing, as always.

I am packing right now.  I have to bring two suitcases for the two of us...it's my duty as a lifetime member of the over-packers club. (I also am expecting to pay the fee for going over the airline weight limit.)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Beach days

I plan on soaking up every last minute of our beach life before our trip to the Chicago-land area.

I love visiting my hometown.  My family, friends, the food!  But I did move away for one reason.  The beach.  Now, I can hardly imagine my life any other way.

Leila will grow up knowing this as her backyard.  I'd say she is one lucky girl!

Weight-loss Challenge {Giveaway}

After my daily workout I feel amazing! I feel energized and proud of myself for working hard towards my goal. I definitely could use a little pampering after my sweat session.

This month the Simmworks Family Blog Weight-Loss Challenge coordinated a promotion and giveaway to help you pamper yourself.

All Leilaland readers can use the code "RuralMoms" at basqnyc.com and www.basqitsasmallworld.com for 20% off your purchase for the entire month of July!

Three lucky winners will win these products from Basq.  All you have to do is fill out the rafflecopter entry form below and the winner could be you!

The GRAND PRIZE giveaway is a 

Basq Soothing Foot Relief Spa Set and is valued at $60

Two runner ups will receive a 

Basq Energizing Lotion valued at $22

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