Thursday, January 31, 2013

Potty-training is exhausting...

Having a stubborn independent child and being eight and a half months pregnant makes everything more difficult.

Excited to be wearing underwear
Since 8:50 this morning we have been sitting on the floor outside the bathroom in our underwear. (Yes, me too.  It was the only way I could convince her she didn't need to bother with pants.)  At 12:45, I finally got her down for a nap in her "nighttime underwear" (aka Pull-ups) after exhaustion had gotten the best of us.

Lots of fluids = lots of opportunities to practice using the potty
Leila is 28 months old, the smartest child I know (I'm the mom. I am allowed to be biased.), and also the most independent.  She does not fit the profiles of the young children in the book, Toilet Training in Less Than a Day, who seem to do everything the mother asks of them without protest.  I'm thinking it's because this potty stuff is not new to her.

Leila has been randomly going pee on the potty for a few weeks and before that would pretend to go when I did.  She already knows how to sit down, what it feels like to pee, how to use toilet paper, and how to flush the toilet.  We've been talking about the importance of keeping our underwear dry and the people she knows that wear dry underwear. She's been anticipating this "Underwear Party" since last weekend.

We kicked off the party by getting rid of the diapers
None of this is bad, it's just different than I expected, based on the plan I read in the book.
  • She had no interest in teaching her stuffed animals or dolls how to use the potty.
  • She was very reluctant to drink all the fun drink choices I had for her.  
  • She initiated her own "dry underwear checks" just to get more treats.  
  • She did not realize (or point out to me) when she was wet.  Yet she stopped herself from peeing any further, and then finished peeing in the potty after I noticed.  
  • She did not care to make up any potty songs and got tired of talking about pee, the potty, and dry underwear by nap time.
Leila did an amazing job!
  • She learned how to pull her underwear up and down (and of course still needs my help).
  • She choose to use the little potty instead of the potty seat that goes on the big toilet because that is what we saw in all the videos and books.
  • She LOVED the Potty Time application on my phone. It made her so happy to get positive phone calls from Rachel and the accident calls made her unhappy.
  • She changed out of her own wet underwear, put it into the hamper, and picked a new pair out without a fuss.
  • She helped me clean up the one small accident that actually got onto the towel we were sitting on.
  • She only had three small accidents in the 3 1/2 hours we spent outside the bathroom.
I felt defeated by nap time, due to our exhaustion and being uncomfortable sitting on the floor for that long.  After talking to my potty-training "coach" Renee I feel much better about our morning.  She put it into perspective for me.  It's always easier for an outsider to do that!

Where do we go from here?  Well, I do not be sitting in that 4x4 foot space outside our bathroom after nap time.  But I will NOT be giving up either.  

I plan to spend our afternoon down in the main living area of our house, doing what we normally do...AND checking for dry underwear every 5-15 minutes, offering a lot of drink choices (with extra bribes if necessary), and continuing to reward her efforts with praise, treats, and love.

Yummy bribes
We are doing this 100%.  I am committed to potty training Leila...and very happy I will be going to work tomorrow. (Thank goodness my mom is here to do the follow up!)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

34 weeks {Bumpdate} pants of choice.
How far along: 34 weeks

Weight gain/loss:  No weight gain this week.  Up 19.5 lbs total.

Feeling: Honestly...over it.  I know, I know, I still have a lot of time.  But I am tired of being tired, annoyed that I have to choose sleep over exercise, and uncomfortable in all pants except leggings and yoga pants.  

Maternity clothes: I went ahead and bought 2 more pairs of leggings and three tunics with only 6 WEEKS TO GO!  It seems like such a waste, but after feeling miserable in my clothes for two days in a row I decided the clothes will be worth every penny if I am happy!

Stretch marks:  No, no, no.

Sleep: Eh, naps instead of workouts and an early bedtime is what's getting me through it.

Best moment(s) this week:  Giving in and buying comfortable clothes.  So what if I wear leggings 4 out of 7 days a week.  I'm pregnant, I can do what I want.

Food cravings: Milk!  Been drinking an Instant Breakfast daily (sometimes twice)!

Gender: B-O-Y!

Movement: Yep and the Braxton Hicks contractions have started.

What I miss:  My non-pregnant face.  Putting on shoes with ease.  Having energy to do everything I want.

What I'm looking forward to: Selling all the baby girl clothes, the Superbowl party at my sister's place, and February being here.  

Weekly wisdom: This will not last forever!

Milestones:  It may be time to break out the granny panties. Ugg.  I can't remember if I ran this week.  The workouts are slowing to almost none.  I feel guilty about this, then I remind myself that I have been doing great!  1-2 workouts a week is better than none.

Due date: 3-13-13

How many more days until she's a big sister?!?!  Being in denial about this whole thing is just silly, but makes it easier to cope from day to day.

She wanted her picture taken like Mommy.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Potty-training in less than a day...

Is it even possible?  According to my mother, cousin, and the authors of this book, it IS possible to potty train your child in less than one day.

Oldie but a goodie!  The copyright date on this book is 1974.
My mom potty-trained all three of us using the method described in this book with no issues (that she remembers) in the late 70's/ early 80's.  My cousin had similar success stories with her son at 26 months and more recently, her daughter at 22 months.

I've been against potty-training Leila (28 months) since way back when her pediatrician tried to convince me she was ready at 23 months.  Just three weeks ago I tried to convince myself that Leila would be the first self potty-trained toddler because it just seems like too much for me to deal with...ever.

Despite my best efforts to keep Leila in diapers, the time has come.  Time for this Momma to suck it up and spend an entire day in the bathroom talking about the potty, pee, poop, and dry underwear.

After talking to my cousin Renee I am convinced I can do this.  She gave me the advice to follow the methods outlined in the book and some tips from her personal experiences.  Renee made it clear that I should not give up and that it was necessary to go all in, meaning NO MORE DIAPERS.

I took her personal tips to heart and stocked up on soda (yes, soda), juice boxes, Raisnettes, M&M's, Swedish fish, underwear, potty-training apps, and potty-training YouTube videos.

She cautioned me about the six accidents her daughter had in the first 20 minutes and how sick of potty talk I will be after the first day. She even warned me that Leila might not poop for a day (or three), told me I am not to give up, and that she will eventually poop.  Oh, and I forgot to mention, there will be meltdowns.

Renee also told me she used treat reward and potty reminders for about one week after the official training day.  But the best thing she said, was that as of today, her daughter has only had two accidents in the 2 months she's been potty-trained.  I'd call that a success!

Here goes nothing...

Our "Underwear Party" is scheduled for Wednesday...we even bought party hats for the occasion.  Leila has 40 pairs of underwear to go through if necessary and I am prepared to utter nothing but potty talk until the day is done.  Wish us luck!

Have a potty-training story, advice, or song/video to share with us?  If you skeptical, share that too. I know a lot of my readers are in the same boat as us right now.  Let's do this!

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Great List {01.28.13}

Happy Monday!  Starting off the week right with my newest Great List...

Leila bug
1.  Leila is finally starting to feel better!  It was evident on Saturday because she did not whine or have one meltdown the entire day...and it was a rainy inside day!  We spent the whole day together running errands, watching movies, and playing indoors.  It was the perfect day!

2.  This week my friend Amy and I finally unboxed, sorted, and refolded two years worth of baby girl clothes.  Our daughters are seven months apart so Kennady got all of Leila's hand-me-downs (and had plenty of her own clothes too!)  We are planning to sell some to consignment stores, give some away to friends, and give the rest to Goodwill.  It was a looooong day, but it was fun to reminisce about growing girls.

3.  I had a long overdue lunch with Betsy (whose new web design launches today!)  We use to spend Tuesday afternoons walking to the Farmers' Market catching up on each other's busy lives, but with me working on Tuesdays we haven't had the chance to chat in a while.  It was a nice, relaxing, kid-free lunch.  We are officially caught up!

Come back each week for my newest list and don't forget to check out Betsy's list each week too.  Warning...positive thinking is addicting!

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

33 weeks {Bumpdate}

Can it be possible that my bump is SMALLER this time around?  Check me out at 33 weeks pregnant with Leila here.

How far along: 33 weeks

Weight gain/loss:  Up a pound this week. Total weight gain so far = 19.5 lbs.  I am so PUMPED about this!  Just for some reference though, with Leila I gained 20 lbs in the last 8 weeks (lots of water weight).  That's bad, real bad. 

Feeling: When I find time to jog (which has been only 1x a week these past 2 weeks) I feel amazing.  Seriously, I don't even feel pregnant.  I love it!  Hopefully I can squeeze in a run and more than one weight work-out this week.  Exercise makes me feel normal (as opposed to pregnant).

Maternity clothes: Of course!  Again, this shirt (above) is a little shorter than I remember it.  Nothing but stretchy pants are comfortable anymore.  I sucked it up and wore jeans today.  The pockets left imprint marks on my thighs.  Can I wear yoga pants to work?  I'm guessing I can pull it off in March.  By then, people will be feeling sorry for me.

Stretch marks:  Nope.

Sleep: I am having trouble falling asleep and once I do, I am up in no time to pee.  I try not to drink my bedside water at night but this cold is making me thirsty. 

Best moment(s) this week:  Went shopping for some new furniture for the kids' room.  Leila is getting a bunk bed and a new dresser!

Food cravingsSweets are my thing this week. 

Gender: Little man named Carson.

Movement: Yes, especially at night.  The doctor says it feels like he is head down and I agree!  

What I miss:  Time.  I am spending my time working, resting, and visiting with my family...all EXCELLENT ways to be spending my time.  I have less time and energy to exercise and keep up with the housework.

What I'm looking forward to:  Moving along with the kids' room.  Jeff will be picking up the furniture next week and then I can get Carson's tiny clothes washed and put into the drawers.

Weekly wisdom: I am not waddling...yet!

Milestones:  Last time, 33 weeks is when I started NOT liking being pregnant anymore.  It was August (too hot!) and I was swollen in places besides my hands.  This time it is much better!

Due date: 3-13-13

My sicky girl Leila has no idea how Carson will change our lives.  Honestly, neither do I.

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Great List {01.21.13}

Well, it may be Monday (instead of Friday) but that's not stopping me from taking a minute to reflect on all the great things that happened this past week.  Now that I am working on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I am thinking The Great List will be kicking off my week instead of ending my week.  I'm just too busy and tired (oh, and 8 months pregnant) to write anything during the week.  Doesn't matter to me when it happens, just that it happens!

Two little monkeys at the zoo
1.  Leila and I went to the zoo and met up with Kennady, Amy, and an old friend of ours that was visiting San Diego.  It's always so nice to go to the zoo.  We may not see many animals (since we always take the same walk-able route) but the route is beautiful, cool, and it leaves no room for these two toddlers to veer off course.

2.  My mom arrived in town on Tuesday after spending as much time as she could with my nephew Jaxon.  She's here for three months, with my dad, aunt, and uncle, staying at a nearby beach house.  It's a great feeling knowing they are here, especially as my due date nears.

3.  I picked up one box and two bags full of hand-me-down clothes for Leila.  Thanks to my friend Kristin and her daughter Grace, Leila's entire 3T spring/summer wardrobe was free!  It felt like Christmas looking through all the clothes.  Time to clean out Leila's too-small clothes and organize her drawers.  Yay nesting!       


Come back each week for my newest list and don't forget to check out Betsy's list each week too.  Warning...positive thinking is addicting!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

32 weeks {Bumpdate}

What am I looking at...I look out the window at the buildings and palm trees at just the right angle for the light to hit my face. 
How far along: 32 weeks

Weight gain/loss:  No weight gain this week (although because of my work schedule I am writing this a day earlier than I have been.) Still up for a total of 18.5 lbs

Feeling: Annoyed that I can't do things that I want to do...sit on the floor, move quickly, hold Leila on my (disappearing) hip.

Maternity clothes: Yes, and the shirt I wore today (above) is getting a little short!

Stretch marks:  Nope.

Sleep: A nap for this Momma a few days a week makes all the difference.

Best moment(s) this week: Running two miles and NOT peeing myself. 

Food cravingsStill eating Clementine oranges like crazy. 

Gender: It's a boy!  

Movement: Yes and it is uncomfortable at times.

What I miss: WINE!  Especially now that my family is in town. 

What I'm looking forward to:  I have an appointment next Monday and my mom and I will be shopping for a big girl bed for Leila. 

Weekly wisdom: It will only get worse...wait, that is terrible wisdom.  How about...this won't last forever.

Milestones:  I am officially 8 months pregnant!

Due date: 3-13-13

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mealtime madness

Life with a two-year old can be maddening.  They are constantly asserting their independence by voicing their opinions, trying to do everything themselves, and changing their mind by the minute second.

Mealtime at our house has become the worst time of day.  First of all, Leila insists on choose her own plate, silverware, and cup. These are choices I have no problem with, until they make her crazy.  I want this plate, no this plate.  This cup, no I don't like this cup.  I want the other one.  You see where I am going here...and this is before the food is even served.

This was the first smile I've seen at mealtime in a while.
Leila never wants to eat anything served to her, naturally, because it wasn't her idea.  Her once "favorite" foods become gross.  She wants her sandwich cut into big pieces seconds after requesting little pieces.  I don't like that, has become the phrase I hear most often.  She pushes her plate away or plays with her food. This behavior is driving me nuts!

I give her choices.  I've resorted to bribery and trickery.  I set limits and make it my mission to follow through with what I've said.  I know she won't starve if she doesn't eat, that's not really what I am worried about.  We can't make it through mealtime without listening to whining (or even crying) and I am losing it.

Please tell me you have some tips that I can implement right away!  The first thing I am doing is making "set" times for meals and snacks, just like we have set times for sleep.

Any suggestions (or just plain sympathy)?    

Monday, January 14, 2013

You're pregnant, that's why...

Seems to be the response I've been getting lately, and it makes total sense.  I am the pregnant lady that often forgets she's pregnant.

Why am I so tired (at noon)?

Why am I hungry again (an hour after breakfast)?

Why do the muscles in my hips and butt hurt?

Why am I having trouble falling asleep at night?

Why can't I finish this run without stopping to pee at least twice?

Why can't I lift this?

Why is everything so hard?

Why is this ice cream my dinner?
I'm pregnant, that's why!

This second pregnancy is a whole new ball game.  Last time around I thought I had a hard time sleeping at about 18 weeks.  This time, I KNOW what not sleeping is really all about after having a newborn.

Last time I was on summer break with three months left of the pregnancy.  This time, I am starting work with about two months to go.

Last time I read books and websites that told me how I should be feeling.  This time I can't forget the fact that labor is more difficult than any pregnancy symptom ever.

So when is it going to hit me?  When am I going to allow myself to feel pregnant? When am I going to start making excuses?

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Great List {01.11.13}

This week seemed to fly by faster than ever.  I was so busy with my new job, doctor appointments, and hanging out with my family.  It may have been busy, but that doesn't mean that it wasn't GREAT!

1.  When I dropped Leila off each time this week she was happy to see me go.  It was such a good feeling to know she is just fine with me leaving her, but an even better feeling when she ran to me after work saying, "I missed you Mommy!"  

2.  I witnessed Leila say the cutest thing EVER to my dad when we were getting in the car to leave Taco Tuesday.  My dad always says to Leila, "Who loves you?"  She typically replies, "Gaaaampa."  But on Tuesday she ended her sentence with words we'll never forget, "...he's my favorite."  (Of course my dad's life was made in that instant.  Proof?  He posted the conversation on Facebook immediately.)

3.  I just found out that we'll be adding some new members to our San Diego family! Leila's future husband, Redmond, (and his family) will be making the move from LA to SD at the end of the month.  I am happy for some very selfish reasons...a "new" mommy friend in the area,  more friends for Leila, and cool adults to hang with.

“Gratitude is a vaccine, an antitoxin, and an antiseptic.” — John Henry Jowett
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Thursday, January 10, 2013

A self potty-training toddler

Despite my best efforts to keep Leila in diapers, this child is ready to be potty-trained.  If only I were ready too...

This summer, Leila's doctor told me she was ready to be potty-trained based on her five minute visit with us.  I did not agree (but didn't tell that to her face).  Instead, I vented about the doctor's assumption and posted evidence that Leila was not ready.

Today, about four months later, I am hoping Leila will potty train herself.  It could happen any day now.  She's been asking, once a day, to go "pee" on the big seat that she got for Christmas (from my other anti-potty training partner in crime, Lauren).

It's not that I want her to stay little forever, or even that I want to keep spending money on diapers, it's that I am not sure I have the patience to do this.  Yes, three days chained to the bathroom with her sounds right up my (31 week pregnant) alley.  It's the days after the training that I am afraid of.  

Am I prepared to lug around changes of clothes, tote her to the nasty park bathrooms, fight her for time on the toilet?  Can I handle her potty-training indecisiveness, her toilet meltdowns, her desire to do everything herself (even when she can't)?  And for goodness sake, she still hides to poop!  How am I going to convince her to poop on the toilet when I'm not even allowed to look at her while she poops?  

I need some help, some reassurance that this isn't as difficult as it sounds.  I need to be convinced that I can do this because Leila's ready to grow up despite my best efforts to deny it's happening.

Raising Imperfection

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

31 weeks {Bumpdate}

Hi...don't mind me.  I worked today, cried a little, and am about to fall over from sheer exhaustion.
How far along: 31 weeks

Weight gain/loss:  Up three and a half pound these past three weeks. Total weight gain so far = 18.5 lbs  

Feeling: Tired.  Really tired.  A little annoyed that I can't do everything as easily as I would like.

Maternity clothes: Duh.

Stretch marks:  Nope.

Sleep: I can't get enough.  Bedtime lately has been really EARLY and I am okay with that.  

Best moment(s) this week:  My family is in town for the next three months!  Still waiting for my mom to arrive!

Food cravings: Those little Clementine oranges are my newest addiction. Also, I am the thirstiest woman alive.  That doesn't really help with my peeing.

Gender: It's a boy...Carson!

Movement: Lots of punches way down low.  Kind of startling at times!

What I miss:  Not being pregnant.  Sitting on the floor comfortably.  Not almost peeing my pants while running.  WINE.

What I'm looking forward to:  Keeping busy with work during this last trimester.  We are also working on organizing the kids' room. 

Weekly wisdom: I'm pregnant, that's why.

Milestones:  Into the single digit week countdown- 9 to go!

Due date: 3-13-13

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Instagram Widget for Blogger


Yes!  More over-sharing on the internet.
It's no secret that Blogger has some less than desirable features.  I am usually jealous of all things Wordpress, but just can't justify switching over (aka paying money to write this little blog).

Last week I came across a helpful Instagram widget tutorial for users of Blogger.  It was a tip posted in a Facebook group I'm in called Secret Blog Tips hosted by The Blog Guidebook.  Check out my sidebar...

Can you see my Instagram feed via slideshow?

For those of you still using Blogger, this tutorial from SnapWidget will help you install your own Instagram gallery to your blog.  It took me less than five minutes to complete.  

Happy blogging!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Less is not always more {Sleep Tip of the Month}

Less Daytime Sleep Means Less Nighttime Sleep...

No, that's not a type-o... Have you ever heard the saying "Sleep Begets Sleep"? Well, it's very true, especially for babies and small children.

My nephew, Jaxon, at 12 days old.
If kids are under-napped during the day, their bodies produce stress hormones to keep them alert (think: second wind). These hormones build up in their systems over days/weeks and make it more difficult for them to sleep at night.

If your little one is having a hard time sleeping at night, take a look at their daytime sleep habits. Click here for a handy reference showing the amount of sleep hours children need by age.

This is such a difficult concept for new (and seasoned) parents.  I find it to be very true with Leila.  What is your experience with the saying "Sleep Begets Sleep"?
Lauren is a certified sleep coach and DONA trained postpartum doula.  Her passion for helping tired parents began when her own newborn daughter's constant crying and terrible sleep habits finally got the best of her. Visit her blog and Facebook page for more information.

Check out Lauren's other featured posts on Leilaland:

Friday, January 4, 2013

The Great List {01.04.13}

This is the first Great List of the new year!  Although it's only been four days, 2013 has quite a buzz surrounding it.  So many people I talk to are declaring 2013 as THEIR year.  Their year to focus on what matters, healthy living,  themselves, whatever it may be!

This year I made no real resolutions.  There is too much already on the "books" for our family to try to focus on anything else.  One thing I did promise myself was to continue finding the positive things in life to share and celebrate.  You'll see it here in the form of these weekly lists.

"This is my new friend."
1.  Shopping with Leila has always been fun.  She had a blast shopping with me at Old Navy and claimed this little girl was her new friend.  Leila laughed at all the mannequins in the other stores that had no heads and couldn't have been happier to find this family, complete with a dog, on our last stop.  This picture brings a smile to my face!

2.  New Year's Eve was way different this year being almost eight months pregnant.  We had a quiet night at a local pizza place, watched people celebrate on TV, and crashed right around midnight.  The next day I woke up refreshed and ready to conquer the zoo, something I would never be able to do after a typical New Year's Eve party.

3.  I went to my classroom (yay!) to drop off a few things and spent over an hour at lunch with a few of my closest teacher friends.  It was so nice to catch up with them after so long.  I really do miss that part of my life and am still on a high about starting my job on Tuesday.

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.” 
― Epicurus

Come back here each week for my newest list and don't forget to check out Betsy's list each week too.  Warning...positive thinking is addicting!

Want to write your own list?  

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