Thursday, January 10, 2013

A self potty-training toddler

Despite my best efforts to keep Leila in diapers, this child is ready to be potty-trained.  If only I were ready too...

This summer, Leila's doctor told me she was ready to be potty-trained based on her five minute visit with us.  I did not agree (but didn't tell that to her face).  Instead, I vented about the doctor's assumption and posted evidence that Leila was not ready.

Today, about four months later, I am hoping Leila will potty train herself.  It could happen any day now.  She's been asking, once a day, to go "pee" on the big seat that she got for Christmas (from my other anti-potty training partner in crime, Lauren).

It's not that I want her to stay little forever, or even that I want to keep spending money on diapers, it's that I am not sure I have the patience to do this.  Yes, three days chained to the bathroom with her sounds right up my (31 week pregnant) alley.  It's the days after the training that I am afraid of.  

Am I prepared to lug around changes of clothes, tote her to the nasty park bathrooms, fight her for time on the toilet?  Can I handle her potty-training indecisiveness, her toilet meltdowns, her desire to do everything herself (even when she can't)?  And for goodness sake, she still hides to poop!  How am I going to convince her to poop on the toilet when I'm not even allowed to look at her while she poops?  

I need some help, some reassurance that this isn't as difficult as it sounds.  I need to be convinced that I can do this because Leila's ready to grow up despite my best efforts to deny it's happening.

Raising Imperfection
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