Monday, January 14, 2013

You're pregnant, that's why...

Seems to be the response I've been getting lately, and it makes total sense.  I am the pregnant lady that often forgets she's pregnant.

Why am I so tired (at noon)?

Why am I hungry again (an hour after breakfast)?

Why do the muscles in my hips and butt hurt?

Why am I having trouble falling asleep at night?

Why can't I finish this run without stopping to pee at least twice?

Why can't I lift this?

Why is everything so hard?

Why is this ice cream my dinner?
I'm pregnant, that's why!

This second pregnancy is a whole new ball game.  Last time around I thought I had a hard time sleeping at about 18 weeks.  This time, I KNOW what not sleeping is really all about after having a newborn.

Last time I was on summer break with three months left of the pregnancy.  This time, I am starting work with about two months to go.

Last time I read books and websites that told me how I should be feeling.  This time I can't forget the fact that labor is more difficult than any pregnancy symptom ever.

So when is it going to hit me?  When am I going to allow myself to feel pregnant? When am I going to start making excuses?

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