Saturday, February 18, 2012

Baby boogers

Dear Leila,

This is what it feels like to be sick.

You are almost seventeen months old and this is your first cold. I knew it would happen eventually. Remember when I told you the toys at school were not for your mouth? Remember? This is why. Colds are no fun.


Luckily it's just the sniffles and sneezes. When you sneeze boogers shoot across the room and then drip down your face. Of course you will not let me wipe your nose as often as I want to, so you learned how to do it yourself. (So big!)

Instead of playing outside we are staying in and resting. You never sit and watch television like this. You hardly sit. Ever.

When you are sick you get to do special things like sit in your chair, watch Sesame Street, and eat crackers. You haven't eaten much these past two days.

Milk and crackers are your favorite sick food. I even made you blueberry pancakes and you hardly touched them. (Thanks, I got to eat them all!)

I hope you feel better soon baby. Until then, I am here to snuggle with (if you ever get tired of Elmo).

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