Friday, July 20, 2012

Making Rainbows {Guest post}

Hello, fellow citizens of Leilaland!  I'm Rulissa and I blog over at Mustard Seeds in Oklahoma. Jen is on vacay in Chicago this week (have a slice of pizza for me, darlin!) so y'all get me instead - you lucky dogs!!

I'm an (almost) 40, stay-at-home mom of three monkeys who drive me bananas on a daily basis!  I blog about my life, projects, DIY stuff and how I put my faith in God into practice.  We are ranchers here in Oklahoma, so I talk about cows some, too!  But today, I'm sharing a fun art project my Monkey Princess and I did one rainy afternoon.  She's asked to do it again and again and again, so I guess she liked it!  Enjoy!

Making Rainbows

I love rainy days.  They make everything clean and smell nice.  But...they also keep us inside and a little stir crazy.  So the other day while the boys were at school, Princess and I decided to brighten up the gloomy day and make our own rainbows.  We just got out the watercolor paint and a couple of coffee filters and went to town.

But, first - a warning... You will need to cover your workspace with newspaper or something because the paint will bleed through.  But that's actually the cool part of using coffee filters!  You'll see in a minute...

We flattened out the filters and started with a circle of color in the middle.  (I did this part for Princess, so she could get started.)  After the first color, just pick another color and paint around the circle, then another and another until you have made rings of color to the very edge of your filter.  You can go the traditional ROY G BIV rainbow colors, or you can just let loose (which, if you are doing this with a toddler, is probably what will happen!)

Now you have to let it dry...  This was the hardest part! But after it's dry, cut your filter in half and... voila!  Instant rainbows!!  We taped them to the back door and since the color bled through the coffee filter, you could see the rainbows from the inside and the outside!  Cool, uh?!

I hope you enjoy this little project.  Feel free to hop on over to my blog for more fun stuff! And, thanks for hanging out with me while Jen's away!

Thanks Rulissa for the window art idea!  I am always looking for fun activities to do with Leila.  I haven't tried using watercolors with her yet.   Sounds easier, and not as messy, as washable tempera paints.


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