Sunday, July 22, 2012

Two months untill two

As Leila gets older she is looking more and more like...herself!  She's a good mix between Jeff and I, not really resembling one of us more than the other.

Although this picture of me on my second birthday (with my mom and dad) may convince you otherwise.  What do you think?
August 1979,  my 2nd birthday

July 2012, Leila at 22 months old
What's up with Leila just two months from her second birthday? 
  • She is really good on her feet!  Leila has been atempting to climb up and down a few stairs without any support.  It's pretty scary to watch, but I am amazed at her abilities.  She has started jumping and can just barely get both feet off the ground.  I can't belive how much she moves.  Getting a snuggle from her has always been a struggle!

  • Yes! Yes! Yeah!  I love that when I ask her a question she actually thinks about it before she responds.  It's even better when she responds with a "yes" instead of just staring at me like I am talking to a wall.

  • She still takes one AWESOME three hour nap a day.  That nap and her twelve-ish hours of sleep at night make for one happy Momma and toddler.

  • Leila is willing to try almost everything we give her to eat.  She won't always swallow it, but at least she gives it a try.  The only vegetables I have gotten her to swallow lately are green beans and raw carrots.  She loves cereal for breakfast, fruit and pretzels are her favorite snack, and we feed her whatever we are eating for dinner.

  • She has a best friend, Charlie, who is just two months older than her. Since we've been on vacation she has asked about Charlie a lot.  We've spent at least ten minutes (that's a long time for her to be focused on anything) looking at Charlie's pictures.  It is too cute!

  • Leila has spent many hours in the pool since we've been away from the beach.  She doesn't love it yet, but she's slowly warming up to the idea that her feet cannot touch the ground.  The floaties are just for my own peace of mind since she is glued to me while in the pool.  Last week she enjoyed getting dunked and blowing bubbles.

  • My favorite Leila-thing this month...she recognizes that the three of us are a family!  Before bed each night Jeff, Leila, and I have a family hug-a-thon and lately she's been recognizing us as a family outside of that bedtime ritual.  Her voice is so sweet, especially when she says "family"! 

Only a two more months until Leila's second birthday!  This is such a fun age!  I can't wait to see what age TWO will bring.

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