Friday, July 6, 2012

The Last Bite {Guest post}

Hi there everyone! My name is Sarah and I blog over at It's a Vol! I write about my handsome hunky husband Chris and our beautiful daughter Evie. We are also parents to our six (!!!) furbabies; we have four dogs and two cats. Between the nine of us there is always something exciting happening! I am also a post-partum depression and anxiety survivor. Along with blogging about my family I use my blog as a voice for myself and other women who are suffering from or have survived this disease.



The Last Bite

A few weekends ago we took Evie out for ice cream. She has recently discovered that frozen sweet treats are delicious and so we've been spoiling her a bit more than we should with frozen yogurt, coconut ice pops and trips to Baskin Robbins.

Once we arrived we all settled on our flavors. I picked some baseball themed flavor that had raspberry swirls & cashews on a sugar cone, Chris got butter-pecan and Evie had orange sherbet. We settled down to eat out treats. Evie was happily eating her orange sherbet when I naively offered her a bite of my cone.

"Mmmm!" she exclaimed, her little eyes lighting up and her mouth opening up for another bite. So we sat there quite contentedly for a few mintues sharing bites of my ice cream cone and making faces at each other. Until, we reached down to the very bottom of the cone. The last bite. The bite that is the best, it is a mixture of soggy and crunchy with the perfect ratio of cone to ice cream.

Evie eyed that last little bite of cone excitedly. I requested a sticky sweet kiss and handed it over to her. She expressed her delight with a toothy grin and one last "Mmmm!". We went about our merry way and it wasn't until later that I realized I'd just experienced a hallmark of motherhood. Without even thinking we give so much to our kids.

Then, I thought, it's not enough to take our bikini bodies, give us chin hairs, deprive us of sleep and cause stretch marks; now they're stealing ice cream cones too? Sheesh. I'll take all the physical alterations, but NOBODY said anything about stealing ice cream cones.

Thanks for letting me take over for the day Jen! And if you're kind of possessive of your ice cream too, stop on by It's a Vol and say hey! 

Thanks Sarah!   Definitely a lot of ice cream eating happening on this vacation.  Leila can have my last bite any day, and I bet my mom would give me hers.       

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