Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Farewell to my pants

I bravely bared my cute mini-bump at the grand opening of the Wet Spot (aka the Haley's pool).  Feeling great, thanks to the super sweet words from Jeff, I was ready to try on a pair of pants the following day. 

Why I thought I had gotten smaller...I don't know?!  I finally squeezed into my largest pair successfully.  After eating that was a different story.  So I've decided not to kid myself anymore.  My pants are off limits. 

I know what you're thinking...

No pants, Jen!  Way too inappropriate for public. :) or  Stop whining already!
Luckily I work at a place where I encounter many mothers on a daily basis.  Hooray for borrowed maternity pants!!!  Jeff was cracking up when he saw me in these funny looking elastic-waist jeans.  But boy, they sure make you feel preggo and proud.  I plan on sporting a pair to work tomorrow!

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Gender Prediction Fun

We will find out the sex of the baby on May 5th.  Maybe sooner with all the gender prediction quizzes and tricks out there:)  At first I was so against knowing the gender before the big day.  Years before I was pregnant (or married!) I would hold strong against Val and Betsy's passion for knowing my fake baby's sex.  Then logic hit me (aka Kimmy) and I changed my mind within minutes of listening to her legit arguments.  Now, I can hardly wait for this baby to change from a "shim" to a she or him.

For now we think it is a ....????????  According to the Chinese we are having a boy (based on my age and month it was conceived).  According to three quizzes we are having a boy, a girl, and a go see your OB/GYN.  In a dream I had we were parents of a baby girl named Gwen (NOT a name on our list).  When Jeff put his hands behind his back and told me to pick one (I chose his right) he revealed one finger (as opposed to no fingers?!?!) which meant...boy.  And finally, Jay is sure we are having all girls.  Apparently he can predict gender and that I will have multiple pregnancies:)  So the tally is GIRL 3, BOY 3, and SEE YOUR DOCTOR 1.  Any guesses?  Betting is totally legal and encouraged.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

13 weeks!!!!

As soon as we saw (and heard) the heartbeat on the monitor at our 13 week ultrasound we knew it was official...we're gonna be parents. We saw the baby's fingers, feet, nose, and even saw it open it's mouth.  Our alien-looking baby looked healthy and happy (I mean, how could it not be happy?!?)  The tech could not even attempt a gender guess.  Looking forward to May 5th to find out if we'll be Team Blue or Pink.
Photo of the ultrasound picture.  I can't figure out my scanner. 
See the alien head and fingers?

I think I am beginning to look chubby, well ummmm... pregnant.  Since I actually am pregnant I will be referring to my chub as my cute pregnant belly from now on.   I've been taking bare belly pics since week eight, but those are for my eyes only:)  I did have a staff member approach me today wondering if I was pregnant.  The wind blowing my dress against my stomach was a bit of a give away.
13 weeks cute mini-pregnant belly
(I could not find a sideways pre-preggo comparison pic.) 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's a BABY!

Less than two months after our sunny San Diego wedding we found out we were pregnant!


Here's how it all went down...

I was studying weeks before, for the final exam for the completion of my MAE, when it dawned on me that something about me was different.

I had slept 17+ hours after the night of a friend's 30th birthday bash, I was late (and I don't mean for work), and I had no desire to drink!

Anyone who has met me knows that the last clue was straaaange.  I figured I was just stressed out about the upcoming exam and decided to brush off my thoughts, knowing there was NO WAY I could study when I could be learning all about a baby growing inside me!

I decided to wait patiently (and silently) until after the exam.

January 16th, the day of my exam, finally arrived.  A very focused me took (and passed) the exam early Saturday morning.

After a long morning it was time to face the facts.  I headed to the local CVS and bought two essentials: a pregnancy test and and a bottle of wine.

Surprised I didn't have to explain myself to the cashier, I nervously went home and kept myself busy until I was ready for my second test of the day.  A million thoughts crossed my mind.

I should wait for Jeff to get home. 
What if I don't "pass"?  What if I do? 
I better do this before I carelessly open and drink this entire bottle of wine!

In less than the three minutes the box told me to wait,  I saw as clear as day... Pregnant.

I do not even remember my reaction.  Let's just say it went something like this: HOOOOORAY!  We did it!
I texted Jeff right away and of course he didn't believe me even with this photo of the positive test. When we were finally able to talk I reminded him of all my symptoms.

I'm pregnant. We're THRILLED. Now what?!

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