Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's a BABY!

Less than two months after our sunny San Diego wedding we found out we were pregnant!


Here's how it all went down...

I was studying weeks before, for the final exam for the completion of my MAE, when it dawned on me that something about me was different.

I had slept 17+ hours after the night of a friend's 30th birthday bash, I was late (and I don't mean for work), and I had no desire to drink!

Anyone who has met me knows that the last clue was straaaange.  I figured I was just stressed out about the upcoming exam and decided to brush off my thoughts, knowing there was NO WAY I could study when I could be learning all about a baby growing inside me!

I decided to wait patiently (and silently) until after the exam.

January 16th, the day of my exam, finally arrived.  A very focused me took (and passed) the exam early Saturday morning.

After a long morning it was time to face the facts.  I headed to the local CVS and bought two essentials: a pregnancy test and and a bottle of wine.

Surprised I didn't have to explain myself to the cashier, I nervously went home and kept myself busy until I was ready for my second test of the day.  A million thoughts crossed my mind.

I should wait for Jeff to get home. 
What if I don't "pass"?  What if I do? 
I better do this before I carelessly open and drink this entire bottle of wine!

In less than the three minutes the box told me to wait,  I saw as clear as day... Pregnant.

I do not even remember my reaction.  Let's just say it went something like this: HOOOOORAY!  We did it!
I texted Jeff right away and of course he didn't believe me even with this photo of the positive test. When we were finally able to talk I reminded him of all my symptoms.

I'm pregnant. We're THRILLED. Now what?!

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