Jen and Jeff

When people ask me how long Jeff and I have know each other I say, a good way!

A honeymoon hike in Kauai, 2009 
Jeff and I met in high school over twenty years ago.  We went to our freshman year Homecoming dance together.  I always like to mention that at that point of our lives, I was taller than him (at a tiny 5'1").  We dated on and off throughout high school, like typical high school kids do, breaking up, dating other people, and getting back together.  We ended our high school years attending our senior prom as a couple.

We parted ways during our college years, but since we were from the same hometown we stayed in touch.  We always had a connection, that first love, that special place in each others' heart.

In 2003, Jeff followed me and my dream to live on the west coast (with little convincing).  We found a tiny apartment just blocks from the beach and haven't looked back.


I couldn't imagine life without him. (Cheesy, but true.)  He's my husband, friend, father to my children, my personal clown, and knows how to get on my nerves AND win my heart better than anyone else.

After knowing each other over half of our lives, we had a small beach wedding in November 2009.


Our small San Diego beach wedding, 2009

First comes love, then come marriage, then comes...


Yep. Leila was born exactly ten months and one day after our wedding.  I love when life works out like that.

Thanks for joining us on our journey through parenthood!

"We may not have it all together, but together we have it all." -Unknown 
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