Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Countdown to THREE {Leila's personality}

There is no doubt about it, Leila is almost three. One minute she's happy and carefree, and the next she's stomping her foot and coming up with an excuse why she can't to do something. Three minutes later she's forgotten her tantrum and is showing off her independence. In the next ten minutes she'll be bossing you around, squealing, playing pretend, and talking, talking, talking.

She's just about the friendliest kid I know. She'll approach any child, calling them her "friend", and then is disappointed when they are shy or not as friendly as her. On the other hand, I catch her playing by herself at the park and she's perfectly content.

Ask her what her name is and she'll tell you Tinker Bell. Her imagination is out of this world. Just don't try to imagine things for her because she's quick to disagree with your creativity.

Leila is a little ball of energy! At three years old she weighs 26 pounds and is just under 3 feet tall. I have no doubt that she'll be short all her life like me.

Check out these short videos of Leila just being Leila. I can't think of a more appropriate way to share Leila's personality. 

Leila is easy to be around! I love being her mom!

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