Sunday, September 22, 2013

THREE cheers for Leila!

Today you are three. 

Three years ago, I held you for the very first time. Three years ago, our lives were changed forever. Three years ago, I was the one receiving a gift.

Today you are three. You will be showered with attention, hugs, and gifts from the people who love you. You deserve every smile, every laugh, and every second of happiness, as you bring joy to so many.

Your friendliness does not go unnoticed. Your little voice gets heard. Your energy is contagious. 

People love to be around you. I love to be around you. This has not changed in three years.

Today you are three. No longer my baby, but still my favorite girl, and always my only Leila.

Happy birthday! I love you! 

Love, Mommy

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