Saturday, April 24, 2010

18 weeks

I have already said good-bye to decent sleep.  I officially gave it up on Thursday night. At night I am propped up with a ton of pillows and trying sooo hard too sleep on my left side.  I discovered how handy my airplane pillow is for conquering my numb and hurty left I just have to be as creative to save my hip and shoulder.  This morning I woke up thinking, well at least I only have 22 weeks left of crappy sleep. HA!  That thought lasted for about 1 second until I laughed at myself for forgetting WHY I was having trouble sleeping comfortably.  Sleep is no longer my favorite thing to do...time for a new hobby!

18 weeks and counting down the days until we find our if we are Team Pink or Blue!  I have had 3 dreams total...2 girl dreams and 1 boy dream.  Last night's girl dream was of the actual ultrasound.  In the picture she was wearing the cutest little pink and orange striped top and pink skirt complete with a pink bow on her head.  I did not even question where she got the cute outfit from!  
Already a shopper??????

Friday, April 16, 2010

Gloria made my day

I LOVE the cashier at Ross.  I might go back tomorrow.  She told me I have beautiful skin and that I was glowing.  I almost cried. 

I swear she could not see my belly with my purse on the counter!  Maybe the maternity clothes I was buying gave it away?!?!  No.  What cashier actually reads the tags on the clothes people buy?  She was just truthful, in a I-want-to-jump-over-the-counter-and-kiss-you kind of way :) :) :)

(Ross did not pay me in any way to promote their store.  But seriously, go there to feel good about yourself.  I will...everybody is doing it.  Do you think Gloria makes a good a baby name or  have I gone too far?)

A pregnant teacher

I told my students on Monday that I was going to have a baby and it seemed like all the girls in the class all raised their hands at the same time.  At least 3 of them asked the same question, "You're going to have a baby?".  A few asked if I was having a boy or a girl and what I would rather have.  I told the truth of course... Jeff wants a boy.  When I asked who thought it was going to be a boy, all the boys in the class raised their hand.  When I asked who thought it was going to be a girl, all the girls raised their hands. First graders are so dang cute!   Later that day (and now still daily), one girl kept hugging me saying., "I love your baby" and two others were writing about it in their journals.  The funniest story is when one of the super-into-it little girls said to me in private, "I thought you were too young to have a baby."  I couldn't help it but I laughed out loud.  When I asked her how old she thought I was, she said with confidence, "A teenager."  Love her!

Two days later I told the students in our school's student council at our monthly meeting.  Same EXACT reactions, different grade levels.  These students (as well as my own class) have successfully spread the the news around our entire school.  It feels so good to finally be able to talk and think about it openly at work.  And yep, I totally rocked a tight t-shirt today just for the extra comments!

17 weeks
(FYI: I take all of these pictures in the morning before breakfast for consistency.  Jeff thinks the pictures are sad because it looks like I have no one to take them for me. HA! I can just imagine his response if I woke him up for this!!!)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break as a preggo

I know that the term "Spring Break" doesn't actually have the word "drink" in it, but that is what Spring Break is famous for.  Even though I have been out of the college scene for a few years (alright, many years) I have always enjoyed a relaxing, carefree, and well...drunk Spring Break.  This year's Spring Break had a different spin.  This year (with the help of my mom) I bought maternity clothes, ate ice cream multiple times, began registering our "wish list" at Babies R Us, and drank non-alcoholic wine, aka grape juice in a fancy bottle.  All in all it was still relaxing, but going to a bar and drinking iced tea while my friends boozed it up was a big reality check.  I now clearly understand why I drink (um, drank)!
15 weeks preggo
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