Saturday, April 24, 2010

18 weeks

I have already said good-bye to decent sleep.  I officially gave it up on Thursday night. At night I am propped up with a ton of pillows and trying sooo hard too sleep on my left side.  I discovered how handy my airplane pillow is for conquering my numb and hurty left I just have to be as creative to save my hip and shoulder.  This morning I woke up thinking, well at least I only have 22 weeks left of crappy sleep. HA!  That thought lasted for about 1 second until I laughed at myself for forgetting WHY I was having trouble sleeping comfortably.  Sleep is no longer my favorite thing to do...time for a new hobby!

18 weeks and counting down the days until we find our if we are Team Pink or Blue!  I have had 3 dreams total...2 girl dreams and 1 boy dream.  Last night's girl dream was of the actual ultrasound.  In the picture she was wearing the cutest little pink and orange striped top and pink skirt complete with a pink bow on her head.  I did not even question where she got the cute outfit from!  
Already a shopper??????
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