Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Road trip survival {Guest post}

Hiya folks!

I'm Shaun from Living with Peanut, my lovely little corner of the internet where I talk about being a mom, raising Peanut, weight loss, and tons of random stuff :)

A super huge thanks to Jen for having me guest post while she's on vacation...lucky lady! Hope you're having a great time!!


Recently, we had our first family vacation. We didn't plan anything large as money's a bit tight, but we definitely had a great time. We broke out all of Paige's toys from her birthday, spent some quality family time together, took a trip to York's Wild Animal Kingdom and did the tourist stops on the way home. To cap off our fabulous week, we brought Paige to Storyland.

Storyland is a 2-3 hour drive from our house, depending on which route you take. I had timed our departure so that we'd be leaving around lunch time and her nap would *hopefully* begin about halfway there :)

I packed a box of goodies to help keep Paige entertained since I have an older car (no rear entertainment) and don't have an iPad or portable DVD player.

I started with a small box (bigger than a shoe box). I loaded it with about 8-10 books - a variety of very simple books, touch and feels, to a multi-Princess story book. I also included some Dollar Tree flash cards, a small pad of paper and crayons, a small stuffed animal, and a fully-charged Kindle with kids book already loaded on it.

It definitely helped keep me and the husband sane during the 3 hour drive and kept Paige entertained in the motel room when the rain kept us stuck inside for a few hours.

Anytime we head out on a road trip, I'll definitely be making one of these boxes to keep her entertained. It took only a few minutes to create!

Thanks Shaun for filling in on Leilaland!  

I keep something similar on the floor of my backseat at all times. You just never know what you may need...and I like to be prepared.

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