Monday, March 22, 2010

Gender Prediction Fun

We will find out the sex of the baby on May 5th.  Maybe sooner with all the gender prediction quizzes and tricks out there:)  At first I was so against knowing the gender before the big day.  Years before I was pregnant (or married!) I would hold strong against Val and Betsy's passion for knowing my fake baby's sex.  Then logic hit me (aka Kimmy) and I changed my mind within minutes of listening to her legit arguments.  Now, I can hardly wait for this baby to change from a "shim" to a she or him.

For now we think it is a ....????????  According to the Chinese we are having a boy (based on my age and month it was conceived).  According to three quizzes we are having a boy, a girl, and a go see your OB/GYN.  In a dream I had we were parents of a baby girl named Gwen (NOT a name on our list).  When Jeff put his hands behind his back and told me to pick one (I chose his right) he revealed one finger (as opposed to no fingers?!?!) which meant...boy.  And finally, Jay is sure we are having all girls.  Apparently he can predict gender and that I will have multiple pregnancies:)  So the tally is GIRL 3, BOY 3, and SEE YOUR DOCTOR 1.  Any guesses?  Betting is totally legal and encouraged.
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