Thursday, March 18, 2010

13 weeks!!!!

As soon as we saw (and heard) the heartbeat on the monitor at our 13 week ultrasound we knew it was official...we're gonna be parents. We saw the baby's fingers, feet, nose, and even saw it open it's mouth.  Our alien-looking baby looked healthy and happy (I mean, how could it not be happy?!?)  The tech could not even attempt a gender guess.  Looking forward to May 5th to find out if we'll be Team Blue or Pink.
Photo of the ultrasound picture.  I can't figure out my scanner. 
See the alien head and fingers?

I think I am beginning to look chubby, well ummmm... pregnant.  Since I actually am pregnant I will be referring to my chub as my cute pregnant belly from now on.   I've been taking bare belly pics since week eight, but those are for my eyes only:)  I did have a staff member approach me today wondering if I was pregnant.  The wind blowing my dress against my stomach was a bit of a give away.
13 weeks cute mini-pregnant belly
(I could not find a sideways pre-preggo comparison pic.) 
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