Monday, March 4, 2013

The Great List {3.04.13}

It's Monday...time for another edition of The Great List.  

1.  Leila is completely potty-trained!  We have had NO issues and can count on her to tell us when she needs to use the bathroom.  It may not have been the easiest task to conquer at 8 months pregnant, but I'm happy it is behind us!

2.  My to-do list is shrinking, and yes, I did take the advice of my friends and packed my hospital bag, even though all my to-do items aren't checked off my list yet.  Jeff has been able to mark off a few items from his list too.  My parents, aunt, and uncle have been a huge help by taking Leila, washing baby items, preparing freezer meals, etc.

3.  Carson got even more spoiled this week thanks to the lovely ladies at work.  They threw me a small baby shower after school Thursday evening.  It was so nice to catch up over some great food and even more fun looking at all the adorable baby items they got for Carson.  Next time we get together like that I will be enjoying a glass of wine with them!

What was great about your week?  

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