Wednesday, February 27, 2013

38 weeks {Bumpdate}

I stopped taking pictures of my bump at 36 weeks with Leila. I was close to 50 lbs of weight gain by 38 weeks and was way too unhappy with any photos of myself. 
How far along: 38 weeks.

Weight gain/loss:  No weight gain this week after a HUGE gain last week. Total weight gain of 26 lbs so far. I am officially swollen. My sister even thinks my lips are swollen.  All I know is that when I look in the mirror, I do not see MY face.  It has been replaced by a big ole' "pregnancy face". 

Feeling: Terrible.  Yeah, let's be honest here, I am overly emotional and am tired of not being able to do things normally (like put on pants, shoes, wash dishes, get off the couch, etc.)

Stretch marks:  No, no, no!

Sleep: I am sleeping just fine and am loving my early bedtime.

Best moment(s) this week: Checking a lot of things off my to-do list.  Only a few more big things to accomplish before I can pack my hospital bag!

Food cravingsStill feeling really hungry.  No specific cravings though.

Gender: BOY!

Movement: Yes, and I wonder how he even finds room in there to squirm at all.

What I miss:  My regular, non-pregnant face.  Yuck.

What I'm looking forward to:  I am getting together with some work friends on Thursday to celebrate Carson.  Looking forward to catching up with them over some good food. 

Weekly wisdom: Everyone keeps saying this is the "home stretch", but I don't feel like it's close enough to say that.  It could still be three more weeks until Carson arrives. 

Milestones:  Is it March  Then I've got nothing.

Due date: 3-13-13

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