Thursday, February 7, 2013

You make Mommy proud!

Dear Leila,

It's are not my little baby anymore.  At 28 months old you are out of diapers and wearing underwear.

Yep, Daddy is proud of you too.  (He even dressed you today!)
I really thought I would never be ready to potty-train you.  Not because I want you to stay little forever, but because I was afraid I would fail at potty-training you. This potty-training experience has taught me not to be afraid to fail, not to be afraid of change, and that together we can do anything!

You have made me so proud these past few days.  You have had only a few little pee-dribble accidents (and one big one that scared you) and have stayed dry more often than not.  Today we went for a walk to a park with no bathroom nearby and you stayed dry!  The best moment so far was Daddy catching you trying to hide and poop in your underwear.  He stopped you just in time and you went on your little potty instead.  I was surprised you actually made me stay in the bathroom with you while you did your business.  You've got this girl!

This change has not been easy on us though.  You continue to resist my suggestions to use the toilet every half hour, but Mommy knows best.  Soon enough you will be able to initiate going on your own, but until then we will be practicing a lot.  I want you to be successful, yet I realize at the same time that you will learn from your accidents.  My plan is to remain consistent so you learn what is expected.

I am not sure what challenges we will face in this potty-training adventure, but I do know that we will not be looking back!

Keep up the great work Leila.  I love you!

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