Friday, February 22, 2013

Potty-training vs. Diapers: A mom's perspective

It's been three weeks since our big potty-training day.  It seems like it's been much longer than that. Keeping that in mind, things don't seem so bad. Yes... she's had accidents, sometimes refuses to use the toilet, says she has to go just to see how I will react, and is still learning.

Learning takes time and experiences.  She'll get there and one day it will be easier on us all.  It better!  Because right now there are times I wish she was still in diapers.

Diapers are easier.  Leila could go quite some time without needing a diaper change.  No need to interrupt her play or activity.  No bribes needed.  She rarely pooped on the go, which made diapers not-so-messy.  I carried three diapers and some wipes with ease.  Life was simpler with diapers, but that doesn't mean we made the wrong decision to teach her how to use the toilet. 

Learning to use the toilet involves going in the wet beach and park public bathrooms. Messy. Gross. Stinky. It means lugging around a folding toilet seat so she doesn't fall in or touch the germs, carrying extra clothes and septic-safe wipes (in addition to the multi-purpose baby wipes).  Teaching Leila to use the bathroom requires patience, time, encouragement, and consistency...none of which are bad things.  

Life before potty training was less complicated.  Really though, life before Leila was less complicated in general.  And I'm perfectly okay with that! 
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