Friday, February 15, 2013

It's tough being two.

A few weeks ago posted this status on Facebook while eating breakfast with Leila:

You would think the world has ended over here...there are blueberries in Leila's blueberry pancakes and she cannot seem to put the cut pieces of pancake back together. Oh crap, her napkin just dropped on the floor. This is it. Brace yourselves.

It made me laugh to see her strong reaction to such common, normal, everyday things. But more than that, it made me step back and see the world through her eyes for a moment.  I am sure glad I am not two.

The world ends over here on a  regular basis.

Wrong color cup, plate, or utensils...hysterics.
Mommy running upstairs to grab something...screams for me to pick her up.
Daddy wants a hug...runs away like he has the plague.
Forgetting Elmo (or the stuffed friend of the day) in the house...the crazy cry.
Offering to help her with anything...Nooooooo!

The craziest part of living with a two-year old is that she forgets in a minute (or less) that she just freaked out.  As quick as the crazy goes. I wish I could learn to let go like that.  Maybe being two wouldn't be so bad.

Perfectly content for now, until she realizes I expect her to eat a piece of chicken.
What causes the world to end for your child(ren)?
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