Wednesday, February 13, 2013

36 weeks {Bumpdate}

I no longer like myself in this shirt after seeing how it photographs. Way too short! But bonus...these pants still fit!
How far along: 36 weeks

Weight gain/loss:  Up one pound this week. Total weight gain= 22.5 lbs. The guilt I have for not exercising lately is overwhelming.  I am not good at relaxing but am finding there is too much to do so exercise gets pushed aside.

Feeling: Like the hungriest woman alive!  I cannot get enough food. Last week I felt tiny, this week I feel face, my feet, my fingers, and of course, my belly.  After measuring small at my most recent doctor appointment, I feel like we have both grown this week.

Maternity clothes: Yeah. Like I mentioned with my picture, some of these shirts are just not cute anymore.  It's hard enough to feel cute 9 months pregnant, so from now on, I vow to only wear outfits I like myself in.

Stretch marks:  Nope.

Sleep: I've been skipping my nap and found I am sleeping better at night.  Hooray!

Best moment(s) this week:  Celebrating baby Carson with my friends and family.  Lauren threw him a wonderful baby party on Saturday.  It is probably one of the last times I will be with friends and without a child(ren) for quite a while. 

Food cravingsMore sweets please. 

Gender: Oh BOY!

Movement: Lots at night when I finally settle myself on the couch.

What I miss:  Feeling cute.  

What I'm looking forward to:  Hearing the news that my longtime BFF Amy is in labor.  She is due on the 20th so it could be any day now!

Weekly wisdom: I will not be pregnant forever or EVER again. Phew.  

Milestones:  One more month!  Thank goodness.  I have been dreading this last month of pregnancy.  Here it is...

Due date: 3-13-13

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