Monday, February 25, 2013

The Great List {2.25.13}

I may be in the minority here, but I really love Mondays.  I love a fresh start and I love routines (something our weekends have been lacking).  Like all weeks, this one had its ups and downs, but focusing on the positive helps me move on and let go.

Toddler artwork on my fridge makes me happy.
1.  The best part of my week was meeting my BFF's new baby boy, Kai.  Talking to Amy about how GOOD she was feeling now that she was no longer pregnant really helped my over-hormonal mood.  Kai is so tiny and squishy.  I loved holding him and watching his big sister show her affection to him too.  Being pregnant sucks, but we all know the end result it worth it!

2.  I'm in full nesting mode over here.  My mom, aunt, and I spent Saturday washing baby toys, books, the car seat, and checking to-do items off my list. There is still more to do, but as the list gets shorter I know that the last thing on my list is getting closer...packing my hospital bag.  Can't wait!

3.  My sister was gone for over a week visiting our new nephew and rest of our family back in Chicago.  I was so jealous she was able to spend some uninterrupted time with out sister and Jaxon but hearing how great they are both doing made me feel better.  We spent yesterday on the balcony catching up while catching some rays.  Sunshine and sister talk was another "I-am-so-over-this-pregnancy" mood buster.

Enjoy your week!

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