Monday, September 24, 2012

My two-year old can party

Leila turned we partied for two days!

Leila enjoyed turning two, twice.

On Friday morning we casually celebrated with friends at a local park.  I just love watching her interact with kids her age!  When everyone sang "Happy birthday" to her, her face lit up, just as I had hoped. 

On Saturday evening we took our San Diego family (plus Uncle Jay and Grandee from out of town) out for a pizza celebration.  For Leila's enjoyment everyone wore party hats.  Betsy made her a delicious strawberry cake decorated with a favorite Yo Gabba Gabba character.  (Check out her foolproof cake decorating tips here.)  Leila was spoiled with gifts. love, and attention.  She was in heaven! 

Two days of celebrating for my two year old!  Thank you everyone for making this day extra special.  XOXO

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