Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dear two-year old Leila,

Today you are two!  You have been a constant source of love and laughter in my life.  Because of you, I am a mom.

I love you more than applesauce,
Than peaches and a plum, 
Than chocolate hearts,
And cherry tarts,
And berry bubble-gum.

I love you more than pizza.
Than marmalade on toast.
For I love pies of any size,
But Mommy loves you the most.
- adapted from a Jack Prelutsky poem

Happy birthday to you!  We've been practicing the birthday song for months and today is finally your big day.  I cannot wait to see your face when your friends and family sing to you tonight.

My birthday wishes for you...

To find happiness in all that you do.  May you love and be loved by those you meet.  To find the strength to follow your dreams, both big and small. May you learn to laugh at yourself and with those around you.  

You are my favorite girl, my first baby, and my only Leila.

I love you!

Love, Mommy
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