Friday, September 21, 2012

The Great List {9.21.12}

Happy Friday!  Time for another edition of The Great List.  Time to push any stress or negativity side.  Time to focus on all that is great in life!

Leila and Grandee at the zoo.

1.  Leila's Grandee (Jeff's mom) is in town for a week to help us celebrate Leila's birthday.  We only get to see her once a year, since she lives in the opposite corner of the United States, so it is great to see Leila connect with her so quickly.

2.  Since Grandee is in town, I have had some much needed Jen-time.  I got a haircut, manicure, pedicure, went shopping by myself, and prepped for Leila's party.  I rarely get anytime alone to do stuff outside of the house.  This was a real treat!

3.  I splurged this week on a double BOB jogging stroller.  I know, I know...this baby isn't due until March.  I just couldn't pass up this amazing Craigslist deal. The stroller looks brand new, came with two much needed accessories, and was a STEAL.

4.  After a brutal weekend of 100 degree temperatures (and no air conditioning) the weather has cooler off a bit here at the beach.  Still not the fall-like low 70s that I am wishing for, but 80s is better than 100s any day.

Come back here each week for my newest list and don't forget to check out Betsy's list each week too.  Warning...positive thinking is addicting!

Want to write your own list?  

Heather from Everything Eatherton joined in last week.  So happy to see The Great List catching on! 

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