Friday, September 7, 2012

The Great List {09.07.2012}

This week flew by thanks to a lovely three day weekend.  It's Friday again and time for another reflective look back on the week.  So much to be happy about...

Swimming at Poppy's pool on Monday.
1.  Leila is really gaining confidence in the pool.  Such a change from July when she clung to me like a scared kitten every time we entered the pool.  We've had the opportunity to visit Betsy's pool almost weekly since we've been back from vacation and the change in Leila is amazing!  She will "swim" on her own, tongue out, and is happy as can be.  Swim lessons are still on my mind, but I'm thinking we'll wait until the late spring.

2.  I want food.  This is the most amazing thing that happened this week.  Not only does food sound appetizing, I can actually eat it without feeling like crap for the rest of the day.  I made dinner for the first time in over a month last night!  Hooray for me!

3.  I discovered that Project Runway IS in fact being recorded to my DVR each week.  I have been enjoying a television break during Leila's nap time and it's been helping me reset myself so I can tackle the afternoon.  I love reading blogs during nap time, but I am finding that TV relaxes me much more than reading.

4.  Finally I busted out my sneakers and hit the pavement for a run Thursday.  Granted I only made it eleven minutes before I almost died from exhaustion, but that's better than I've been doing these past two months.  While I was pregnant with Leila I was able to run until I was eighteen weeks along and this time I am hoping to jog all the way through my second trimester.  If you have any tips or tricks for staying comfortable, please share!

Happy Friday!

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