Saturday, September 14, 2013

Happy half-birthday Carson!

Whoa. These last couple of months flew by, and somehow, my baby turned six months old.

Look at those toes!
For me, six months is really the beginning of baby-hood. So many "firsts" happen right around six months...

First time sitting the the stroller without the car seat.
First time swimming. I love that he can wear sunscreen now!
First time he slept through the night, although it hasn't happened again.
First food- avocado.

Stats: I've been borrowing my friend's baby scale to weigh him weekly and I'm happy to say he weighs 14 lbs 6 oz! His 6 month appointment is not for two more weeks but I am excited to hear his "official" growth stats. He is wearing 3-6 month clothes depending on the style. They seem to make t-shirts so big (3 months) and he's wearing 6 month onesies. In pants/shorts he can wear some 6 month and 3 month bottoms depending on the length. I put him in a pair of 3 month elastic pants the other day and they were snug but long. Other bottoms are way to short in the 3 month size but fall off his waist. Carter's brand ( 6 months) seem to fit him the best.

Eating: Carson nurses every 3 1/2 to four hours, and since his doctor appointment with little-to-no weight gain, he drinks a 3 ounce bottle after the four daytime nursing sessions. He started solids at 5 1/2 months and his first food was avocado. Since then I have also introduced sweet potatoes, but due to a rash by his elbow (allergy related?) he's back to just avocado until it clears up. I am offering him a sippy cup of water with his meals too. He'll get the hang of it eventually.

Activities and Milestones:  This guy is all smiles! He is obsessed with his sister and tends to always keep her within view. He likes to play in the Exersaucer, sit in the Bumbo, and push and roll himself around the family room. We took down the swing last week and am happy to have some space back!

Just this week he started sitting up. He's still a little shaky and topples over after getting too excited. In my opinion, this is a HUGE milestone. He loves his new view and I love not feeling like I need to lay on the floor to look him in the eye.

He's also started getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth. I'm not expecting crawling any time soon but it is great to see he has the strength to lift his body up.

Sleeping: a Rock Star! Well, at least his naps are awesome. He naps at 8:15 and then again around 12/1 for about two hours each nap. (About twice a week he takes 3 naps.) Hooray for sleep training! It has made a huge difference for all of us.

His bedtime is between 6:30 and 7:00 pm depending on the time he woke up from his nap/ if he took a third nap. He usually falls asleep while nursing, but if he doesn't it's no big deal...he can put himself to sleep! He wakes up with the birds but is fine chilling in his crib until about 6:30 am (sunrise). Just this past week he went from waking two times at night to just once. Awesome. Sleeping through the night is just around the corner.

He's not always smiling, but almost!
Discovering the grass. He did not want to be on that blanket!
Happy half-birthday Carson!
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