Monday, June 3, 2013

The Great List {6.3.13}

June has officially started in San Diego. Like clockwork, the first few days of the month have been gray. June Gloom, as we call it, lasts the entire month. We usually see the sun at the beach just in time for the 4th of July, but not always. Oh, beach rough. I actually, not-so-secretly, love the temperature at the beach in June. 

See the sun on the sand? This picture was taken on May 31st.
1. When it does get sunny again, I am so excited to have this new tent. Costco rules! See Carson's head on the left side? (Kai was on the other side of Kennday.) Now the babies don't have to be in the car seat/stroller or in the carrier...we have a third option. Until he was ready to sleep, Carson was pretty cool about laying there. Just gotta work on keeping most of the sand out of the tent. Yeah right.

2. We got to see some old friends these past two weekends. So many friends that I started out with in San Diego moved away. Crazy people, huh? It was nice to see their smiling faces, even if it was just for a bit!

3. Carson had his 2 month check-up and shots (a few weeks late). He is 10 lbs 4 oz (10th percentile) and only 22 inches (5th percentile). Still tiny! He did alright with his shots but was a bit fussy even the next day. I bet his little legs hurt. 

This is my last week of work! Enjoy your week!
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