Thursday, June 6, 2013

Transitioning to a 'Big Girl' bed

My almost-three-year-old (yikes!) still takes a pacifier when she sleeps. It doesn't bother me until I think about how grown up Leila is in other ways. She uses the adult toilet, speaks in complete sentences, and now naps in her big bed. I keep telling myself, one transition at a time, and I already have a plan (Of course I do.) for how to get rid of them.

The transition into her big bed actually began months ago. Jeff set up this bunk bed before Carson was born. I wanted Leila to have plenty of time to get use to the idea. She has loved playing on the top bunk and we've been reading stories on her bottom bunk before bed time.

I waited until work was ending for me so I could be semi-well rested (I  do have a 12 week old.) before Leila would sleep in her bed at night. The plan to start napping in the big bed first, began Friday at 1:00 pm. Success! Leila stayed in bed and didn't call for me until her Tot Clock turned yellow. Nap #2, the following day, was also a success! She tested me during Nap #3 but still stayed in bed. Nap #4 and #5 were smooth sailing, even with her Poppy putting her down while I worked.  

Each time she stays in bed until the clock turns yellow she gets to add a smiley sticker to her chart. Once she has ten successful naps in her big girl bed then she can sleep there at night. I am planning to introduce another sticker chart to reinforce her good choice of staying in bed all night long too. 

I am worried about the morning before wake up time. Often Leila is up early but falls back asleep or just plays happily in her crib until her Tot Clock turns yellow again. (Seriously, this programmable clock is so perfect for Leila!) Hopefully she will stay in bed, quietly, until 7:30 am. Does that seem like a unrealistic expectation?

Carson will be joining Leila downstairs soon. I don't want either of them waking each other at night or too early in the morning. Another unrealistic expectation?

We'll see...

Any advice for me? My friend Lauren shared some tips for the big transition earlier this week. Check them out here.
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