Thursday, March 21, 2013

Carson's due date {The Birth Story}

On my due date I began assuming the worst. I started thinking I would be pregnant forever, even though I logically KNEW that was crazy talk. I posted this on Facebook:

So...who else stayed pregnant past their due date? I would like to start a club. The most pregnant person can be President. It better not end up being me.

The responses made me feel better when I realized all the ladies that commented were actually not pregnant anymore.  Phew. Relief. Peace. Time to bounce on the ball, go for a walk, and eat eggplant.  I knew I had a doctor appointment the following morning and we'd be handing Carson an eviction notice, the sooner the better.

Even Leila was annoyed that Carson hadn't arrived yet.
Jeff happened to have the next day off so he planned on coming with me. We talked about taking our bags with us to the doctor, just in case the wanted to induce that day like they did with Leila. I went to bed after a glass of wine, a shower, planning to go to work after my 8:20 am appointment. I felt relaxed and accepted the fact that I would have to be induced.

Forty-five minutes after his due date expired I heard a pop-like clicking noise. It sounded like a kick would, if you could hear your baby kick. In my sleepy state I assumed that's what it was.

Since I was up I used the bathroom, as any 40 week pregnant lady would do. Funny thing was that I just kept peeing. When it stopped and I stood up I couldn't even make it to my bed before I peed myself. Yellow flag. Peed some more. Orange flag.  Laid down and peed more. Red flag.  This is not pee. 

I instantly googled "water breaking" and came across a website that had quotes from real moms about what it felt like when their water broke.  I almost texted Amy asking about her slow-leak water breaking experience from last month.  Luckily for Amy I found what I needed on the internet.  

By 2:15 am I decided to wake Jeff.  I wasn't convinced it was time to go to the hospital, but figured I should give him fair warning.  His main concern as my pregnancy got closer to the end, was that we'd have to rush to the hospital, frantic and unprepared.

At 3:00 am I considered calling the hospital to find how far apart and how long they should be before they wanted me to come in. (I was set to ask this at my appointment the next morning, I swear.) At this point they were getting closer together...twenty minutes, thirteen minutes, eight minutes, six minutes...and all at least a minute long. 

I felt a rush of adrenaline when they told me because my water broke I needed to come in immediately. 

Immediately turned in to an hour as I packed up last minute items, gathered everything we needed, called my mom, ate a snack, and procrastinated getting into the car. I was not looking forward to being contained to the seat in my car while contracting even though I knew the hospital was only fifteen minutes away.

I called my sister in Chicago since I knew she was probably the only one awake at this early hour. She pumped me up and wished me luck.

This was really happening. Today. Now. Thankfully I was not going to be President of the Overdue Baby Club. And even better...I was barely a member.

Up next...Carson's arrival {The Birth Story}

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