Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break as a preggo

I know that the term "Spring Break" doesn't actually have the word "drink" in it, but that is what Spring Break is famous for.  Even though I have been out of the college scene for a few years (alright, many years) I have always enjoyed a relaxing, carefree, and well...drunk Spring Break.  This year's Spring Break had a different spin.  This year (with the help of my mom) I bought maternity clothes, ate ice cream multiple times, began registering our "wish list" at Babies R Us, and drank non-alcoholic wine, aka grape juice in a fancy bottle.  All in all it was still relaxing, but going to a bar and drinking iced tea while my friends boozed it up was a big reality check.  I now clearly understand why I drink (um, drank)!
15 weeks preggo
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