Monday, June 6, 2011

The Wet Spot

Summer is officially here! Alright, so not officially, but it is always summer in SD.

We kicked off the summer season with old and new friends, a BBQ, and some SUN.

Leila took her first dip into a swimming pool with Jeff. She was not a huge fan, but she hardly hates anything so even the freezing water wasn't so bad.


She did look super cute though. Oh, and so did Betsy, of course!

But really all Leila wanted to do was crawl around and get into trouble. And by trouble I mean, she took a dive into the dogs' water dish, face planted on the brick deck when her good crawling arm gave out, and managed to mop up every piece of dirt onto herself.

Hmmmmmm, did she just lick that door?

Cutest baby ever! I can say that because I'm the mom. Or wait, am I not suppose to say that because I am the mom?

Either way, it's my blog so I can say what I want!
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