Monday, February 13, 2012

Mommy-friends {Putting yourself out there}

After wondering where all the Mommas in San Diego were hiding, I realized they weren't the ones hiding. The comments on my post about Leila's first play-date really helped me see I wasn't putting myself out there.

What was I waiting for...a formal invite?

It's been so long since I dated (Jeff and I met over 20 years ago) that I forgot the most basic dating rule.

Mommy-dating Rule #1: Put yourself out there

We've been hanging out at the park regularly since summertime and it's time to change it up. Thanks to many helpful suggestions, I have joined four groups AND attended a Mommy & me preschool.

Today was our Leila's first day of school.

I was brave and showed up to the class a week after it started. Yep, I'm that mom. I stayed the entire morning, even though we aren't officially in the class. (I plan on crashing the next class too since I am pretty far down on the wait-list.)

What an experience it was!

Leila was the first one to meltdown, she pooped during circle time, tried to dominate the slide, and shared her snack with a few friends.

There were thirty diverse toddlers (ages 12-23 months) and their Mommas. The class was split into two discussion groups, with a whole group circle time to start and end the morning. All of the parents helped out by choosing a daily job, planning and preparing one class craft, and donating $10 towards supplies for the semester.

Adorable Valentine craft


I really enjoyed interacting with the other Moms and toddlers. It was fun to watch Leila explore new things and interact with so many new people. She is not shy!

And...since I plan on following all my Mommy-dating rules, we'll be heading to a Play-and Learn meet-up tomorrow. Group dates are always easiest!

Building my confidence one date at a time. Wish us luck!
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