Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Potty-training in less than a day...

Is it even possible?  According to my mother, cousin, and the authors of this book, it IS possible to potty train your child in less than one day.

Oldie but a goodie!  The copyright date on this book is 1974.
My mom potty-trained all three of us using the method described in this book with no issues (that she remembers) in the late 70's/ early 80's.  My cousin had similar success stories with her son at 26 months and more recently, her daughter at 22 months.

I've been against potty-training Leila (28 months) since way back when her pediatrician tried to convince me she was ready at 23 months.  Just three weeks ago I tried to convince myself that Leila would be the first self potty-trained toddler because it just seems like too much for me to deal with...ever.

Despite my best efforts to keep Leila in diapers, the time has come.  Time for this Momma to suck it up and spend an entire day in the bathroom talking about the potty, pee, poop, and dry underwear.

After talking to my cousin Renee I am convinced I can do this.  She gave me the advice to follow the methods outlined in the book and some tips from her personal experiences.  Renee made it clear that I should not give up and that it was necessary to go all in, meaning NO MORE DIAPERS.

I took her personal tips to heart and stocked up on soda (yes, soda), juice boxes, Raisnettes, M&M's, Swedish fish, underwear, potty-training apps, and potty-training YouTube videos.

She cautioned me about the six accidents her daughter had in the first 20 minutes and how sick of potty talk I will be after the first day. She even warned me that Leila might not poop for a day (or three), told me I am not to give up, and that she will eventually poop.  Oh, and I forgot to mention, there will be meltdowns.

Renee also told me she used treat reward and potty reminders for about one week after the official training day.  But the best thing she said, was that as of today, her daughter has only had two accidents in the 2 months she's been potty-trained.  I'd call that a success!

Here goes nothing...

Our "Underwear Party" is scheduled for Wednesday...we even bought party hats for the occasion.  Leila has 40 pairs of underwear to go through if necessary and I am prepared to utter nothing but potty talk until the day is done.  Wish us luck!

Have a potty-training story, advice, or song/video to share with us?  If you skeptical, share that too. I know a lot of my readers are in the same boat as us right now.  Let's do this!
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