Monday, January 7, 2013

Less is not always more {Sleep Tip of the Month}

Less Daytime Sleep Means Less Nighttime Sleep...

No, that's not a type-o... Have you ever heard the saying "Sleep Begets Sleep"? Well, it's very true, especially for babies and small children.

My nephew, Jaxon, at 12 days old.
If kids are under-napped during the day, their bodies produce stress hormones to keep them alert (think: second wind). These hormones build up in their systems over days/weeks and make it more difficult for them to sleep at night.

If your little one is having a hard time sleeping at night, take a look at their daytime sleep habits. Click here for a handy reference showing the amount of sleep hours children need by age.

This is such a difficult concept for new (and seasoned) parents.  I find it to be very true with Leila.  What is your experience with the saying "Sleep Begets Sleep"?
Lauren is a certified sleep coach and DONA trained postpartum doula.  Her passion for helping tired parents began when her own newborn daughter's constant crying and terrible sleep habits finally got the best of her. Visit her blog and Facebook page for more information.

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