Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Baby Girl's room

Yesterday we got our NEW CARPET installed in Baby Girl's room. Yay! Finally some progress was made. Jeff moved all the furniture into the room by himself (what a man!) while I cleaned the walls, baseboards, and every thing else in my sight. After a late lunch Jeff went into the attic to get the hand-me-down baby items we got from Wendy's girls. I did some more cleaning and read a few of the new board books while Jeff assembled the crib. If I told you he got it right on the first try would you believe me? HOORAY! Finally we put down the rug (which is upside down in the picture so it will flatten out). Amy is coming over today to bring me the all the baby clothes she washed for us:) and we'll have a few bags of hand-me-downs from Val's boss to clean. I am soooo glad to be getting this stuff done early. My back is killing from yesterday's seven hour work day.

(Jeff just realized I was posted a pic of the un-finished nursery so again, I have to mention that this is a work in progress:) Not that he's ever read this blog anyways!)
Our rug is what inspired our color choices for the room...bright, bold, cheerful:
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