Friday, May 17, 2013

Carson's second month

Days with Carson are just what you'd expect as a mom of a two month old. Some are easier than others.  Some seem to repeat themselves. Some seem too short and some too long. But all of them are filled with love.

Blowing bubbles
Carson is just under 10 lbs at two months old. He's a tiny little guy. He just outgrew newborn sized diapers and has been wearing 0-3/ 3 month clothing for a few weeks now. Some of the bottoms are too big on him around the waist but the newborn ones are too short.

Eating: He's nursing every 2.5-3 hours during the day until bedtime. While I'm at work he takes 4 oz bottles of pumped milk just as often. He's a spitter-upper (Is that a real word?) especially after a bottle. Carson is waking up twice at night to nurse, around 1 am- 2 am and again around 5 am. We go back to sleep after both wakings except on work days I usually have to get moving right away.

Activities: He's into his play mat and is especially fond of the changing table. Something catches his eye there and makes him smile and talk. He prefers tummy time on the Bobby and is really getting strong. I've seen him kick around so hard that he scoots to the edge of the blanket.

Sleeping: During the day Carson sleeps mostly in the Ergo. It's a guaranteed long-enough nap. Luckily he loves it because we are on the go a lot. Carson's been getting swaddled and rocked to sleep at bedtime by me. Lately he's been getting increasingly more difficult to put to sleep. Lauren, my sleep coach friend, suggested starting his bedtime routine earlier by 15 minutes. Carson and Leila now have the same 7:45 bedtime. Jeff does the bedtime routine with Leila and I take Carson. (How does someone with three kids work that out?!) Jeff and I both go to bed early too!

Carson is a sweet easy going guy so far. He has been the perfect addition to our family!
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