Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Well, HELLO September!

Jeff and I have been saying that we're having a baby "next month" since the beginning of August. Although this was a true statement, September is the next month after August, the fact is that when we started saying this I still had 7 weeks to go! When August 21st arrived we said it again, "next month" or "one more month". Needless to say...August has been the longest month of my life!

September has officially arrived. Whooo-hooo! We are having a baby THIS month. Earlier this year September seemed so far away. I stayed positive and enjoyed being pregnant, going with the flow, not really knowing what to expect. I can laugh now at the first bump picture I took at 10 weeks (and never posted) thinking I looked pregnant, saying farewell to my pants at a mere 14 weeks (this should have been my clue that I would be HUGE by September!), and giving up on decent sleep at 18 weeks. I obviously had NO IDEA what was to come. No one can prepare you for middle to late third trimester when baby is the size of a watermelon, your face is the size of basketball, and your legs no longer feel like your own (how I can even walk without falling over is amazing)!

I am thrilled that I have carried this little girl full term. I have been assured by many books and websites (even a Dr. friend or two) that she is ready to come into the world now. These last three weeks will be filled with anticipation! Not only are we going to get to meet our baby, we are anticipating the arrival of our families, and of course...FOOTBALL season:) Hello September, I've been waiting for you!
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