Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day with Grandpa

Tuesday was the first day that my dad, Leila's Grandpa, was left alone with Leila. Of course he has plenty of experience with children, having three girls of his own, but before we left, Grandma had a little refresher course for him. I was also reminded of the first time (well, maybe not first time) my dad was left alone with me. And so the story goes like this... I was in my high chair eating "banana cookies" (a banana sliced like cookies) when I started choking. My dad panicked and tried to lift me out of the high chair. Forgetting I was strapped in he lifted the entire high chair with too! Finally when I was free, but the banana slice was not, he flipped me upside down, held me by the ankles, rushed outside (trying to get help from the neighbor?!?!), and shook that "banana cookie" out of me.

His first day of babysitting Leila went off without a hitch (or diaper change). They watched some golf, read some golf blogs, and he even showed her is most recent golf score card. Luckily for all of us Leila is too young for solid foods!

Tummy time with Grandpa... she wiggled out from under the blanket and right out of her pants! Jeff says she will crawl at one month;)
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