Friday, November 19, 2010

Five hour fluke?

Last night Leila slept for her first five hour stretch! When I was woken at 3:30 by her hunger cries I couldn't believe what time it was.

Leila had a busy day yesterday. It all started with the 3 mile hill walk with Aunt Val in the afternoon. I left her at Val's and quickly went home for a shower before the Bears game. When Jeff and I returned to Val and Stefan's apartment we found Stefan swinging Leila to sleep. He was told by Val that she should be napping.

Val was right. Leila usually can only last two hours awake before starting to yawn. Usually if the sleep window is missed she gets overtired (aka crabby...but who doesn't?!?) Leila wasn't having it. She was way to into looking around at her new surroundings and enjoying Val and Stefan.

Dinner, a Bears game, the Ergo, and more play time passed and Leila still wouldn't take a "real" nap. (Twenty minute cat-naps do not count!) At least she wasn't crying:)

We took her home after the game. By 10:30 she was finally asleep after being up eight hours.

She then slept five hours! Was this a fluke? Do I dare try to purposely skip her late afternoon/early evening nap again? At least I know she can do it.

Feeling rested and hopeful!

Tummy time with Aunt Val...
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