Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Six-week postpardum doctor visit

I've been anxious about my appointment for at least two weeks now. I have been feeling "normal" again and was ready for the green light to begin my workout routine. After gaining 50 lbs (yes 50!!!) while pregnant with ONLY a 6 lb 8 oz baby, I have a lot of work to get back my pre-Leila shape.

Appointment attempt #1 = FAIL. This failure reminds me...

I have learned many important life-lessons these these past 6 weeks! Here's just a few...

1. I am NOT in charge.

2. Do not ask me to do anything that involves a specific time. I will not be on time and refuse to stress about it...again.

3. I get just as clean with a 5 minute shower as I do a 10 minute one.

4. I can do almost anything holding a baby:)
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