Monday, February 21, 2011

Our big girl...

...slept in her OWN room this weekend!

After Leila has unsuccessfully tried to sleep on her tummy, in her swaddle, in her tiny pack 'n play we decided to take the plunge and put her to sleep in her crib without her swaddle.

She has been napping in her own room and at Grandma and Grandpa's without her swaddle for about a month now. No problems, since she only needs to sleep 1-2 hours at a time.

We tried the past two Friday nights to have her sleep in her pack 'n play without her swaddle, only to swaddle her back up an hour into her nighttime sleep. This swaddle thing was our miracle sleep solution. It was the only way we could get her to sleep and stay asleep through multiple nightly wake-ups (at her worst it was five times a night!)

Well, the timing was finally right this Friday night. She did it (and so did I with only three terrible nightmares)!


Here are some totally unrelated, but I must say, totally adorable pictures of our big girl:)


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