Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Funday

Sundays are fun again.


For the NFL opening weekend we found ourselves with a great balance between watching the football games and enjoying the beach.


This day became Leila's first "swim" in the ocean.

About a month ago I wrote about Leila's first trip to the beach (bayside!). It turned out to be a real pain to take her, mainly because she didn't want to leave. Jeff witnessed Leila's first tantrum when he brought her to the park at the bay following her first beach trip.

I witnessed quite a tantrum when leaving the ocean on this beautiful Sunday. It was a real, full-blown, meltdown. Uh oh.

My mom was just reminding me how her innocent, sweet, I-want-you-Mommy, mini-tantrums would not be so cute in two years. Try two days. Not cute at all.

Embarrassing actually.

With a screaming baby in my arms, Val and I took off Leila's wet and sandy mess of an outfit. We were fools to think it was those clothes bugging her. As Leila was still screaming Amy casually mentions that Leila might just want back in the water.

Amy was right. Leila was perfectly happy in the water. I knew this was a bad sign since nap time was thirty minutes away. We had to get back into the stroller now!

So this time I wrestled a screaming baby, in just her soggy diaper, all the way back to the boardwalk. All those friendly people who were smiling and waving at Leila as she made her way down to the water were now staring at me.

I should have been the one having the meltdown.
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