Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I finally love staying at home. I've been quite a flip-flopper on this topic this past year. One day I feel the urge to teach, to have routine, to make a difference, and the next day I realize I AM doing that.

Three days later I am dying to get out of yoga pants and a ponytail.

I never expected to like staying home. And I didn't...at first. My maternity leave was hectic. No more than three hours of sleep in a row for four months makes a Momma crazy. When I went back to teaching in January it was wonderfully terrible. I couldn't help but wonder if getting my final pink slip in June was the universe trying to tell me something, again.

This second chance at staying at home with Leila has been not-even-close to perfect, but it has changed me. Changed how I picture myself, how I picture our future.

I like what I see.
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