Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fall- San Diego style

Lately instead of pushing Leila in the stroller, we've been taking her on walks (yes, sorta like a dog) around town. I usually stay within a two block radius of our apartment, but Jeff and Leila walked about a mile yesterday. No wonder she took a three hour morning nap!

Friday was a real San Diego fall day. Leila left the house in a hat to keep her bald head warm, but I was wearing flip flops. I love this kind of fall! You can pull off sandals and a tank or boots and a scarf. Perfect if you ask me!

This was Leila's first experience playing in the fallen leaves.
She knows how to step on the leaves to crunch them, but I had to show her how to throw them up in the the air.

Check out the awesome leaf pile we found. (Better than nothing!)

Leading the way. She's just a tad independent!

Yes, Leila, Momma is still here.

Who am I kidding, this girl doesn't walk. She runs!

People warned me, "Just wait until she walks." Like it was a bad thing or something. Actually it's been the best for us all. She can explore and be independent while I get to just sit back and enjoy life through her eyes.

Looks like we all win!
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