Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Carson's fourth month

Guess who's no longer a newborn...

...this guy!
Carson turned four months old on July 14th. The four month mark brought a lot of changes. He's growing out of his 0-3 month clothing, especially the footed pajamas and onesies. His four month doctor appointment isn't until July 29th so I will know his official growth stats at the end of the month. Although he is bigger than Leila was at this age, he's still a little peanut. 

I think he's starting to look more like me, and less like his Uncle Jay, but still looks like a boy. (Isn't that strange how that works?!) 

Eating: Carson nurses every 3 1/2 to four hours around the clock, with one slightly longer stretch between feedings at night. He'll take a bottle, but doesn't need to very often anymore since I am home with him full time. We are not planning to start solids with him until he's closer to six months old. Hopefully the timing will work out perfectly with my return to work in September.

Activities and Milestones:  Carson is the happiest little guy. Besides being overtired and having some bad gas, nothing really makes him cry. His newest tricks include laughing, rolling from belly to back, eating his toes, drooling buckets, and grasping lightweight toys. He still slumps over in the Bumbo seat but likes the different view nonetheless.

Sleeping: Between months three and four things got a little rough in the nap department. I could no longer rock Carson to sleep and gently place him in the Rock and Play (or anywhere for that matter). This prompted earlier than usual nap sleep training, just three days before he turned four months old. Now he naps 2-3 times a day. His first two naps are at home in either his crib or in the Pack and Play in our room and (hopefully) last anywhere from 1.5-2.5 hours). Nap #3 happens where ever it may...the swing, Ergo carrier, car seat, etc.  

Days after we began sleep training we ditched the swaddle at night. He had busted out of the Miracle Blanket one too many times and has found his fingers soothing. He loves sleeping on his belly and the swaddle blanket just doesn't allow that safely.

I am so excited to say he's finally sleeping in his crib at night too! I was waking up with his every move, so after a very sleepless night I decided it was time to move him downstairs with Leila. So far so good...

Each new stage brings new joys and challenges. I am enjoying his longer awake periods in the afternoons and some quiet time while he naps. Next on the agenda, rolling from back to belly so he can easily choose his favorite sleeping position.
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